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    1.Lunetterie Lenscrafters, Carrefour Angrignon

    Lasalle, QC H8R

    Lunetterie Lenscrafters, Carrefour Angrignon is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

    Optical stores in Lasalle offer most discounted inexpensive prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, both in single vision (SV) and bifocal or progressive lenses. Most optical shops in the Lasalle have an adjacent independent optometrist's office for the convenience of the customers. Opticians in the stores will help determine your pupillary distance (PD) and fit glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and other eyewear based on the prescriptions written by optometrists and eye doctors. Other staff members may guide you through the selection and try-on of glass frames to finalize your purchase...
  • 2.Lenscrafters, Carrefour Angrignon

    Lasalle, QC H8R

    Lenscrafters, Carrefour Angrignon is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 3.Lunetterie New Look

    6847 Boul Newman

    Lasalle, QC H8N3E4

    Lunetterie New Look is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 4.Greiche & Scaff, Succursales, Carrefour Angrignon

    Lasalle, QC H8R

    Greiche & Scaff, Succursales, Carrefour Angrignon is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 5.Le Lunetier

    8361 Boul Newman

    Lasalle, QC H8N1Y4

    Le Lunetier is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 6.Iris Optometristes-Opticiens, Centres Iris

    7077 Boul Newman

    Lasalle, QC H8N1X1

    Iris Optometristes-Opticiens, Centres Iris is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 7.Laurier Optical

    7077 Boul Newman

    Lasalle, QC H8N1X1

    Laurier Optical is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 8.Greiche & Scaff

    6797 Boul Newman

    Lasalle, QC H8N3E4

    Greiche & Scaff is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 9.Clinique D'optometrie Iris

    7077 Bou L Newman

    Lasalle, QC H8R

    Clinique D'optometrie Iris is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 10.Centre De Vision Lasalle

    7401 Boul Newman

    Lasalle, QC H8N1X3

    Centre De Vision Lasalle is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

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  • Eye Doctor

    1.Groupe Sante Richard Cardinal

    1500 Angrignon Boul
    Lasalle, QC H8N 3H8

    Groupe Sante Richard Cardinal is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

    In the Lasalle, optometrists can be found in the vicinity of a chain optical retail store, or in an independent optometrist's office. Optometrists are trained to address both vision refractive errors and eye health. Many optometrists sell high-end eyeglasses and contact lenses in their practices with the most professional possible services in addition to performing eye exams and writing prescriptions. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors (MD) in the eye care and vision health who perform eye exams, write prescription for eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, diagnose and treat eye diseases and carry out eye surgery. Ophthalmologist's responsibility is much beyond that of optometrist.
  • 2.Portelance Michel Pharmacien

    480 90E Av
    Lasalle, QC H8R 2Z7

    Portelance Michel Pharmacien is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 3.Pharmacie Adrian Reid

    6797 Boul Newman
    Lasalle, QC H8N 3E4

    Pharmacie Adrian Reid is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 4.Iris Clinique D’optometrie

    7077 Newman Boul
    Lasalle, QC H8N 1X1

    Iris Clinique D’optometrie is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 5.Iris Optometristes-Opticiens

    7077 Newman Boul
    Lasalle, QC H8N 1X1

    Iris Optometristes-Opticiens is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 6.Pharmaprix

    7077 Newman Boul
    Lasalle, QC H8N 1X1

    Pharmaprix is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 7.Jean Coutu (Pharmacies Affiliees)

    1819 Dollard Av
    Lasalle, QC H8N 1T9

    Jean Coutu (Pharmacies Affiliees) is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 8.Pharmaprix

    8371 Newman Boul
    Lasalle, QC H8N 1Y4

    Pharmaprix is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 9.Stephanie Gavita & Roseline Plante

    8200 Newman Boul
    Lasalle, QC H8N 1X9

    Stephanie Gavita & Roseline Plante is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 10.Pharmacies Affiliees A Proxim

    8200 Newman Boul
    Lasalle, QC H8N 1X9

    Pharmacies Affiliees A Proxim is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

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  • I think it is just like how glasses work.The holes force the light to refract and reach the point in the back of your eyes where it should be.

  • Well, generally speaking, yes, coughing can just lead to double vision. And first, you should know that double vision in the setting of coughing can be caused by excessive tearing. And according to some experts, the mechanism of throat irritation will lead to excessive coughing. In that way, it will just cause a number of additional effects, including causing the production of excess tears and mucus. Because of that, of course, it can affect your eyes, leading to double vision. For double vision, it is a condition in which, whenever you look at any object, you see its two images rather than one. And when it occurs, it can be kind of dangerous.

  • If you are farsighted, you may have the problems at seeing things near. Once you wear the farsighted glasses, it may adjust the images on your retinal and make you see near things clearly. You should have the good rest for the eyes, not sitting in front of the computers for a long time. Or else, your eyes nerves will get tired. Your prescription will get higher. Protecting the eyes is very important.

  • There are multifocal contacts. You can buy them in any big eyeglasses stores or optical shops. Many old people choose to wear this kind of contacts. You don't need to bring several pairs of glasses with you anymore. It is very convenient because they work the same as a pair of multifocal glasses and you won't need to put on and take off them from time to time.

  • Well, generally speaking, eye shingles can be normal for many people, and in some cases, they are annoying. In common, eye shingles is an infection caused by the virus. And according to some experts, one or more nerves and the skin over them are affected. For the looks, you should know that your eye may become red, swollen because of it. And there are also some other symptoms when they occurs. For example, painful, and very sensitive to light, watery eyes and blurred vision can be possible. For your situation, you need to wear eye patch to protect your eyes from further infection. Anyway, just be careful about it.

  • Hello, in my opinion, your blurry eyes in the afternoon has no exact collection with you myopia. However, sometimes blepharitis cam cause such problem. What's more, some problems of blood in the eye could also do that. You can first go to see an ophthalmologist to see if there are some collections.And also, remember to relax your eyes properly in the day. Good luck!

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  • Yes, it is possible to get glassy eyes from allergies. Actually allergies, irritation and infections of eyes are on the list of causes to glassy eyes. Dryness of eye can make eyes lifeless, and glassy. Dry eyes are symptoms of eye allergies too. Besides conjunctivitis which is called pink eye too, is a main cause of glassy eyes, and at the same time, allergies can lead to conjunctivitis. If your glassy eyes are caused by allergies, it is not big serious problem for you to worry about. Allergic conjunctivitis could get well soon if you are away from allergen. You even don’t need any other treatment, it can heal up very soon. So does the glassy eyes triggered by allergies. If you still worry about it, or you think it is serious, you can go to doctor for help or try some medication such as topical or systemic antihistemamines which can be immediately effective, if you are quite sure that you have allergies. Hope you can get well soon.