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750 Av Du Phare O
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  • I have the same issue I think it’s the metal being use in the frame. But I am not 100% sure.

  • Try a site like that offers video try-on. You just take a quick webcam video and then you can try glasses on a video of you.

  • OK, from what I can see, you have got some problems. Anyway, as you can see, eye socket pain could be a symptom of pressured eyeballs, which has something to do with sinus infection, an eye strain, or some other pathological changes with your eyeballs. So, you had better first try to examine your eyes and your body to figure out the causes. Also, try to get proper rest and make good use of your eyes.

  • Hello, as far as I know. The glasses people wear to watch solar eclipse is special, specifically, it has special filters on them, which can protect people eyes from damages by the light. Because looking directly at the sun is dangerous.They may not be nearsighted, in my opinion, mostly for eye protection.

  • Yeah, the redness in our eyes is really uncomfortable. The time the redness lasts will depend on how much do you smoke. On other hand, if you just smoke one joint, the redness will only last for about one hour. If you smoked too much, the redness will disappear in some hours. Of course, it does not disappear for a long time and you are really worried about it, you can have a try with visine which will help you clear the dry eyes. Then, as the reasons why our eyes become red, in fact, there is another name of the redness called bloodshot. I think you know there is some marijuana in the smoke. The marijuana will increase the pulse rate, blood pressure, and heartbeat. As we all know, the increase of the blood pressure is the main reason why the eyes because bloodshot, then here will be some redness in your eyes.

  • Generally speaking, people whose eye color is brown had better not wear those too bright-colored contacts in case of making the eye color look too abrupt.The colors of black, grey, and tapestry red are the most common colors of color contacts for brown-eye people. If your skin happens to be white, then you can wear grey-colored contacts to serve as a foil to your skin color. If you want to look more conspicuous, you can try a pair of blue-colored contacts which are quite suitable for the active occasions such as parties. The color of black or other deep colors can make you look spirited.

  • If you have astigmatism, your cornea will look like the shape of football which is flatter along one meridian and steeper along another meridian. So the misshape of the cornea will stretche out images and cause double vision.

  • Never mind, you just need to fill in the prescription and tell the service person when you purchase eyewear. If you purchase your eyewear online, you need to leave the information in "additional information" box.