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Centre Du Verre De Contact Inc (1460 Rue Sherbrooke West

(514) 845-7546

Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

1460 Rue Sherbrooke West

Montreal, QC H3G1K4

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  • The wheatgrass will be good for the eyes through the benefits for the body. Wheatgrass juice contains the best active minerals, vitamins and the human body necessary trace elements. It can provide daily activities, put the toxin inside body discharge, strengthen human hematopoietic function and accelerate cells regeneration ability. In addition, it can let the human body's internal organs work better for all kinds of synthesis and decomposition. The wheatgrass can still effectively help human cleaning detoxification and nourishing blood. It can enhance the digestive system, cardiovascular system and the skin and immune system. In a word, it has great function of good health care. With a healthy body, the eyes will get benefits, keeping moisture every day.

  • Though your infection of eyes is cured for some days, you had better not wear the contact lenses right now. Furthermore, for the old contacts, we suggest you do not to wear it again, because the lenses may attach some virus or bacterial. It is hard to disinfect totally to the contact lenses. If you are the bacterial conjunctivitis, you can wear the contacts again for some time. However, for the viral conjuncitivitis, you would better never wear contacts again and change to wear frame eyeglasses. Your eyes must be relaxed for over half years before to wear the contacts again. You need eat some nutrients to your eyes such as vegetables and fruits. Artificial tears will useful when you feel dry eyes. For the sake of your healthy eyes, we suggest use frame eyeglasses at most of the time that more than the using of contacts, especially after eye infection.

  • You can take herbal remedies such as milk thistle seed to treat your eye floaters. It is said that increase blood flow can help flush out the felatinous protein from the vitreous. You can try ginkgo biloba, lysine and bilberry for some of they can widen blood vessels or improve our eyesight. But most floaters will reduce on their own over a period of time, you just need to wait and see.

  • Yeah, many people find the zits, also known as the pimples, are very annoying because they make us not so beautiful. And you know sometimes the zits form when we are sleeping,also including the day. The most important is that here I will tell you the ways to clean the annoying zits on your eyes. The first thing is cleaning a piece of washcloth, and put it onto hot water,then put the hot cloth on your eye that has the pimples. Pls remember that you should keep this action fro about 30 seconds. Then you can massage the area around your eyes with two fingers gently. Because you know the bump will always appears together with the zits, massage will help you to make the inflammation to go down and at last, the bump will go away with time goes by. Now the task is not end, you should repeat the motion again and agin until the zits on your eyes go away, then you can take a deep breathe and go out to have fun.

  • They make goggles for glasses called "OTG" goggles, meaning they have a little temple cutout to fit comfortable around the arms of your eyeclasses. Pretty good list of them here:

  • It is not likely that you can get red eyes by staring at them. Pink eyes usually spread by hands, and sharing towels.

  • As far as I know, a lot of people get the same problem or trauma with you due to their carelessness and bad living habits. Actually, subconjunctival hemorrhage is one of the most complicated and dangerous eye problem you will encounter. Therefore , it would be unwise if you insist on wearing contact lenses even if you are sick. Of course it is extremely harmful and the contact lenses would scratch the retinal again.

  • I think you'd better have a try before buying a pair of glasses. I have bought a pair of glasses in an optical shop. The boss of the shop told me that the lenses he recommended for me was the best kind. He also told me that he had coated my lenses already but later one of my friend who was working for an eyeglasses company told me that my glasses couldn't prevent reflections and glare of computer screens. There were no coatings! The boss lay to me. I hate that guy. So you'd better ask someone who can identify the materials of the lenses to help you. Good luck!

  • There are various causes for the appearance of floaters, of which the most common are described here. Simply stated, any damage to the eye that causes material to enter the vitreous humour can result in floaters. Now, there are two ways to treat. First is vitrectomy. For most cases, vitrectomies can treat floater successfully. However, complications do occur, including retinal detachment, residual floaters, cataracts etc. The other way is laser vitreolysis. However, this treatment is controversial.

  • If you have a round and big face, small frame glasses may not be the good choice for you, but it indeed is a good way to hide the thick lenses. You can also choose high index lenses to make them look thinner.