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Doyle Luc Lunetterie, Optometriste, Bureaux

Doyle Luc Lunetterie, Optometriste, Bureaux (1100 Beaumont

(514) 345-0606

Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

1100 Beaumont

Montreal, QC H2Y

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  • Absolutely Not. you can not wear contacts that other people have worn, because it has been infected so many bacteria which will injury your eyes. More importantly, even though it is your own contacts, you need to get it rinsed with the solution regularly to keep them clean.

  • Generally, a condition that the stomach contents (food or liquid) relocate into the esophagus referring to the tube from the stomach to the mouth is called acid reflux. When such things leaking backwards from the stomach can irritate the esophagus and cause heartburn, or other symptoms like nausea. Often, apart from a strong metallic taste, those suffering acid reflux will be awaken with watery, red and irritated eyes due to the serious dehydration in the whole body and partialy esophageal sphincter function loss. As a result, your eyes will become desperately dry. As we all know, dry eyes can lead to a terrible eye condition and give rise to various eye diseases.

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