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Joseph Assouline Opticien Enr (3535 Ch Queen-Mary

(514) 731-3297

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3535 Ch Queen-Mary

Montreal, QC H3V1H9

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  • Dry eyes is a very common syndrome for almost everyone. And causes of dry eyes are varied from each person. Some people get dry eyes because reading too much on computer screen. If so, take a break or apply some lubricating eye drops can relieve your dry eyes. Besides, there still some eye problems can cause dry eyes. Besides, eye surgery is also a common cause of dry eyes. But i never meet people who suffered from dry eyes from virus. So, you shall check your eyes again to determine what causes it.

  • In my opinion, as a purchaser of sihouette frames for over ten years, absolutely NOT! I was talked into my second pair by an optician who said, "here...these have two prongs into the lenses, so they won't break as easily. This was after repairing my original glasses three times because the metal (titanium?)cracked where they attached to the lenses. After taking his advice on a new pair that had TWO attachments to the lenses, I bought my second pair. And, lo and behold, they broke too, but when I went back to have them repaired, I was told "oh, they have been discontinued" and therefore he could NOT repair them. OK. So much for silhouette. Never, never again!!!! Beware!

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  • If you are involved in activities and sports where trauma to the face and eyes is very likely, such as a professional fighter, then Lasik may not be appropriate because of the high probability that you will suffer blows to the eye. Even if a problem is unlikely, it seems prudent to consider Lasik alternatives such as PRK, LASEK, and Epi-Lasik. These techniques, commonly known as surface ablation, do not require the Lasik flap. The patient will have a much longer vision recovery and more discomfort, but laser vision correction without a flap is available.

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