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  • You have nothing to worry about during your lasik surgery. Your procedure can be done under general anesthesia which means you are completely sleep. In the case, they would use small retractors to keep your eyelids open (they resemble disfigured paperclips). So, it is unnecessary for you to fall in a nervous situation, these days, the art of healing is more and more advanced, what do you worry about?

  • You should wait for at least two weeks after the lasik surgery. Since the second day after your surgery, you could clean your lid margins carefully and tenderly with cotton bud soaked with saline water. But you still need to avoid head bath or water splashed into eyes for at least two weeks. After the surgery, there is an open wound on cornea which can be infected easily. You also should avoid swimming for at least one month. Don't rub your eyes as longer as possible. Don't use eye liner for at least one month. Whenever you go to any circumstances with strong light, wearing sunglasses is a must to avoid corneal scarring. Keep a good habit of using eyes could effectively help recovery. Good luck.

  • Sometimes it is normal to get changed colors in the eyes, because there are some deposit of melanin in the iris whose color predominates the color of your eyes. However, in some cases the change of eye colors can be a sign of getting a certain eye disease such as glacoma, cataracts, and so on. In your case, you should go to the doctor's to have your eyes carefully examined so as to find out whether the eyes have cataracts. Cataracts are the result of the degeneration of crystalline lenses where there starts to have white or grey muddiness hindering the normal vision. This usually is caused by increasing age or outer impact such as over exposure to the ultraviolet rays or blue light. You had better pay attention to protecting your eyes from these harms.

  • Proper and moderate exercise including eye exercise, which is done by placing a finger under the eyebrow and lift it slowly and hold it on that position for ten seconds before bringing the eyebrow back to its normal position.

  • From the pictures in Google Images, the sunglasses adam scott wearing is just a type of sports glasses. The sunglasses allow people wear when they enjoy some sports activities. If you want to buy spots sunglasses, you'd better buy proper sunglasses according to the activities you engaged in, not just for the same cool look as adam scott .

  • Well, as a matter of fact, Smith sunglasses is a fashion brand dedicated to producing a wide variety of sunglasses, founded in America in 1962, they are now one of the most renowned eyewear sellers. Anyway, since every pair of sunglasses has got UV protection, for its function is represented by its name, therefore, all of them have got UV protection, although there will be slight differences.

  • It depends on what kind of sports you do. Like the jogging, tennis and fitness, it is safe to wear the sports contact lenses. However, you can not wear the sports contact lenses when you are playing fierce games, like the swimming, playing football, free combat and some other strenuous sports, especially swimming. Because the water in swimming pool is not so clean so that it is injurious to your sports contact lenses.

  • Botox will not result in dark circles under eyes. Botox can treat wrinkle in or between bows, crow's feet and forehead. Puffiness is a significant effect, which will dissipate in several weeks or months depending on individual situation. The reasons of dark circles under eyes are: 1. Pigment deposits. 2. Blood circulation under eyes. 3. Improper sleep. So, you need to do appropriate exercise, improve blood circulation and adjust rest time and working time. Have more fresh fruit and vegs.

  • Lenses of semi and rimless glasses may look thinker than those of full framed glasses due to semi and rimless design. If you want to your favorite glasses look more stylish, you can buy thinner lenses to make your glasses look chic.

  • Dear friend, some yellow eyes are a sign of an infection on our liver. I suggest you to have a thorough exam by a doctor in a nearby hospital. If your yellow eyes are caused by an infection on your liver, you can apply medical treatment to cure the infection and then your symptom will go away on its own.