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Optométriste Michel De Blois

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515 Boulevard Lacombe
Repentigny, QC J5Z 1P5

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  • Before the Check: whether you are a year for the routine check or do a glaucoma scanning, remembering not to drink, it will make blood-vessel inflate. the day before Checking you must have a good rest, can't stay up late. An associate professor of Duke university ophthalmic center, said: ''the best chance for checking is in the early morning, because of the highest intraocular pressure , and easy to find problems. Don't forget to tell doctors the recent drugs and glasses degrees.''

  • First, you may need to reduce the amount of consumption; second, you can reduce the times of alcohol consumption; third, you may need to buy some eye creams or skin care product to treat with your puffy eyes and swollen face as well. I think the guys who often take alcohol will get bags under their eyes more quickly than those who do not take alcohol.

  • Well,as you can see, sunshine is the strongest light source in the world, which may give out a lot of rays and become harmful to our eyes, leading to some slight problems, photophobia, decreased vision, even blindness. So, you have to take care of your eyes and avoid focusing on sunset even in the late afternoon. Just try to get a pair of sunglasses , that would do you good. And please pay attention to your eye health in every way.

  • Since you have been doing eye exercise for about 90 days, have you get some good result? If there are some signs of improvement in your eyesight, you can persist on doing it for another 90 days. I think eye exercise is good for our eyes. They can relive eye fatigue after we use our eyes for a long time. It can increase the blood circulation around our eyes. We can improve our eye health by keep a balanced diet too. I also heard that there are some herbal medicines that are good for our eyes. You can have a try too. Good luck!

  • No, you must be away from any excitant food or drink in the first month after lasik surgery. Drinking alcohol or having spicy food is not allowed. And you would better not drink much alcohol even after the first month. Besides, there are some important points you should pay attention to. First and foremost, you should avoid the water splashes into your eyes when you wash your face or takes a bath or the dirty water may result in infection. Then, watching TV or playing computer is not allowed either. What's more, when you go out or stay in high intensity of lighting condition, you should wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

  • As far as i know, there are no such contact lenses that can reduce glare. If you often drive at night, you can try night vision glasses or polarized sunglasses. Night vision glasses are special made for diver wearing at night. They can provide you comfortable and clear vision whiteout troubled by glares. Besides, you can also polarized sunglasses which are very famous on filter glares. If you need vision aids, you can choose prescription polarized sunglasses. Good luck.

  • It is true that it is necessary to wear the computer glasses while using computer. Although you will get rid of the radiation from the computers when you wear the computer glasses while using computer, you will still find the tiredness in your eyes if you sit in front of the computers for a long time. And wearing the computer glasses will leave the nose print on your nose when you take off.

  • Soda, the gas carbon dioxide, is forced into solution in the liquid. When the lid is stays closed, the gas stays in the solution, and the pressure stays high in the bottle. But when the cap is released, the carbon dioxide comes out of solution and makes the bubbles characteristic of soda. In the other words, carbon dioxide gas is mildly acid, which combines with the water in the soda to form carbonic acid. This acid, carried up and out of the bottle as the bubbles escape, can make your eyes burn. They then water as a defensive mechanism to keep the acid from damaging the surface of your eyes. It can also make your mouth and throat burn slightly as you drink the soda itself. If you want to know more about carbon dioxide, you can check

  • I think it's ok, they are all metal colours, should be fine to put together, but if gold sunglasses with precious stone or diamond is also perfect. Please look over dressing style and this is also important effect on the accessories matching.

  • Doctor told me that the eye cancer is a cancer which starts in the eye. And there are different types of eye cancers all over the world. If you want to understand eye cancers more clearly, you should know the structure and function of our eyes. Our eyes can get cancer on the outside and inside and there are many symptoms when we get eye cancer. but I don't think you have got eye cancer. You can see your doctor and deal with your symptoms quickly.