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You will look different in accordance with different eyeglasses and sunglasses. Thus Eye Care Directory is dedicated to providing you information of all the optical stores and glasses retailers so that you can select the glasses to improve your image. Besides, Eye Care Directory takes care of your eyes by providing you information of eye care centers and eye doctors in Saint Jerome, Quebec.
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    1.Murphy Johanne Dr Optometriste

    460 Rue Labelle

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z5L3

    Murphy Johanne Dr Optometriste is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

    Optical stores in Saint Jerome offer most discounted inexpensive prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, both in single vision (SV) and bifocal or progressive lenses. Most optical shops in the Saint Jerome have an adjacent independent optometrist's office for the convenience of the customers. Opticians in the stores will help determine your pupillary distance (PD) and fit glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and other eyewear based on the prescriptions written by optometrists and eye doctors. Other staff members may guide you through the selection and try-on of glass frames to finalize your purchase...
  • 2.Garand Julie-Francoise Optometriste

    953 Rue Labelle

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z5M9

    Garand Julie-Francoise Optometriste is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 3.Hudon Marie-Chantal Dr Optometriste

    460 Rue Labelle

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z5L3

    Hudon Marie-Chantal Dr Optometriste is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 4.Laboratoire D'optique Lafontaine Inc

    953 Rue Labelle

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z5M9

    Laboratoire D'optique Lafontaine Inc is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 5.Vision Expert

    953 Rue Labelle

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z5M9

    Vision Expert is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 6.F Farhat Lunetterie

    500 Boul Des Laurentides

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z4M1

    F Farhat Lunetterie is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 7.Beaudry Caroline Dr Optometriste

    2106 Boul Du Cure-Labelle

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Y1S8

    Beaudry Caroline Dr Optometriste is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 8.Cote Alain S Optometriste

    955 Rue Labelle

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z5M9

    Cote Alain S Optometriste is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 9.Duguay Marie-France Dr Optometriste

    460 Rue Labelle

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z5L3

    Duguay Marie-France Dr Optometriste is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 10.Le Lunetier

    555 Boul Saint-Antoine

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z3B8

    Le Lunetier is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

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    1.Familiprix Pharmacie Affiliee

    978 Boul La Salette
    Saint Jerome,QC J5L 2K1

    Familiprix Pharmacie Affiliee is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

    In the Saint Jerome, optometrists can be found in the vicinity of a chain optical retail store, or in an independent optometrist's office. Optometrists are trained to address both vision refractive errors and eye health. Many optometrists sell high-end eyeglasses and contact lenses in their practices with the most professional possible services in addition to performing eye exams and writing prescriptions. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors (MD) in the eye care and vision health who perform eye exams, write prescription for eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, diagnose and treat eye diseases and carry out eye surgery. Ophthalmologist's responsibility is much beyond that of optometrist.
  • 2.Pharmacie Serge Forget

    2012 Rue Saint-Georges
    Saint Jerome,QC J7Y 1M8

    Pharmacie Serge Forget is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 3.Greiche & Scaff

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z

    Greiche & Scaff is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 4.Branches Lunetteries Les

    509 Rue Saint-Georges

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z5B6

    Branches Lunetteries Les is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 5.Optique Soleil Inc

    345 Bocage

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Y3B6

    Optique Soleil Inc is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 6.Bourassa Genevieve Optometriste

    953 Rue Labelle

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z5M9

    Bourassa Genevieve Optometriste is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 7.Centre Vision Michel Laurendeau Inc

    273 Montigny

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z

    Centre Vision Michel Laurendeau Inc is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 8.Carrefour Du Nord, Greiche & Scaff

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z

    Carrefour Du Nord, Greiche & Scaff is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 9.Vision Expert

    Saint Jerome, QC J7Z

    Vision Expert is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 10.Pharmacie Associee A Uniprix

    341 Rue Saint-Georges
    Saint Jerome,QC J7Z 5A8

    Pharmacie Associee A Uniprix is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

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  • Prices for contact lenses vary tremendously depending upon the type of lens. Disposable lenses, which are worn once and then thrown away, cost between $70 and $100 for a 90-day supply.Extended-wear contact lenses are also disposable, but can be worn for up to three months before needing to be replaced. For a year's supply of lenses, the cost can range from $170 to more than $300. Some contact lenses can be worn for up to one year, ranging in price from about $150 to $375. Contact lens purchases include the lenses and packaging material for the lenses. In some cases, this packaging material will be a vial with saline solution or another preservative. For disposable lenses, the lenses are typically packaged separately in plastic. In addition, most manufacturers include information about the lenses.

  • First of all, you need to find the reasons why you get this symptom. In most cases, this is caused by a lack of sleep, allergies or some other kind of eye diseases. Don' t panic, just cool down and everything will be fine. In terms of this situation, you might as well try such following ways. First of all, you need to drink as much water as possible. Water is very good for all the parts of our bodies. You really should realize this. Besides, you also need to keep a healthy diet. This is really very important cuz this decide how your body works. You should never ignore this. If you have already kept this good habit for a long time, then I guess it may be caused by your eye allergies. It is time for you to visit your eye doctor right away.

  • Yes, overweight can cause some problems of eyesight. It is really possible. When you have the overweight, you may find that your body health will be affected too. Your eyes will be affected indirectly. When there is something wrong with your liver or other parts, you could find that your eyes will have the corresponding action. Thus, you'd better control your weight.

  • Eyeglasses can be customised in a number of ways. The first and most obvious is to hand craft a frame to fit facial characteristics. This is done by taking the measurements of a client and making the frame according to those measurements. Brands such as Atelier Eyewear (ATELIER eyewear,Made To Measure) take measurements using a clients webcam. The client can also customise the color of the frame and type of lenses.

  • I think it's more of a "what hairstyles look good with your face shape" kind of thing and glasses don't really effect anything. But then again, people with glasses are seen as intellectuals, so maybe try medium dark brown hair. And try adding some more volume to your hair so the neck and up looks more proportionate with your body.

  • Since your eyes get blurry after reading in a period of time, it is just a sign to remind you get a rest. From this point, it is normal. Just take off your eyeglasses, and close your eyes for a rest. Or you can look some green plant that can help release tired eyes. It is believed that people shall take a break every hour when they read something so as to keep eye health. If you still get blurry vision after rest,you'd better visit an ophthalmologist.

  • To treat lazy eye in adults, the treatment can eliminated double vision or eye strain, enlarge the field of vision, or simply restore normal appearance. If you take surgery, doctors can realign the eyes with a technique rarely used in young patients known as adjustable sutures. Anyway, you shall consult eye doctors who is exactly know how to treat lazy eyes.

  • I just wondering what makes he wear reading glasses now that he has perfect vision. If you he really like to wear eyeglasses, you can suggest him wear non prescription glasses for a stylish look. Eyes are our important organ and will company us our whole life. So, as a friend, i think you help him in the right way. But a pair of non prescription for him.

  • The crosses eyes can also be known as strabismus. They are caused by imbalance eye muscle. And in common, people use eyeglasses to help them. But there is no effective way to cure it. Also, i heard that Botox injection can be helpful to help crossed eyes. Anyway, you'd better consult an eye doctor for the seek of the eye health of your kids.

  • Everyone including boys likes people with good looking.Some girls may be more attractive if they wear glasses.While some other girls may be more beautiful without glasses.So girls can try them on to decide whether they are suitable for glasses.