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Optique Expert Du Nord (40 Boulevard Norbert Morin

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40 Boulevard Norbert Morin

Sainte Agathe Des Monts, QC J8C2V6

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  • Your sore eyes must be caused by the eyes infection. You could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to release the symptom of your sore eyes. You could also use the clean cloth and hot water to do the warm compress to make your sore eyes get comfortable. You should also have the good rest for the eyes which will make your sore eyes get released.

  • This question has a complicated answer. Most Lenscrafters optometrists are independent and set their own pricing. So you should contact the office you'd like to visit and ask for their pricing and policies prior to scheduling. You can expect to pay anywhere from $40 - $350 for your exam depending on the office, the services performed, and your vision needs. For example, at our office a comprehensive health examination is $105, a refraction is $45, a digital retinal photo is $39, and if you want contacts your contact lens fitting could range from $60 to $150 (more complicated visual needs take more chair time and follow up visits and so cost more). Of course you can choose which services you would like to receive and we offer discounts for private pay patients, AAA, AARP, veterans, teachers, etc. Other offices will have different pricing for those services and may recommend additional testing, such as an in depth visual field analysis, OCT, or corneal topography. The best plan is to contact the office you're intending to visit prior to scheduling. One last thing, if you're looking to save money, DO NOT VISIT LENSCRAFTERS. We're one of the highest priced, retail chains when it comes to exams and eye glasses. However there is a good reason for this. At Lenscrafters you're going to get a much higher quality product after a much more thorough exam using the latest technology than the other retail chains. Visit to learn more.

  • Ok, it is correct that eye infection could be of great danger, because it might lead to some serious consequences, even making you go blind. For they are highly contagious and harmful to your eyes, your visual nerves, and vision. What you need right now is just some timely treatment and you need to quit some bad habits from now on. Also, rubbing eyes is forbidden. Some antibiotic eye drops could be of great use to you.

  • Well, in most cases, astigmatism mostly happens in just one eye. You know that there are some certain glasses for you to improve your vision. You might as well have a try. Those prescription glasses are designed for providing people with astigmatism a clear and good vision. But what you worry is absolutely very necessary. It is true that astigmatism can get people' s prescription worse and worse. You have no other choice but try every way to improve your vision such as doing eye exercise every day, having more vegetables and fruits that contain rich vitamins, what do you think?

  • If the eye in different warp of refractive status or the diopter is not consistent, especially corneal surface curvature radius is not a spherical, you may easily get astigmatism. The eye is in the absence of control mode. The eye of different warp inflectional after in the retina can't form a focus. And the formation of focal line is not similar as ones with normal eye sight. Thus, the retina of the objective image blurs the refractive error state which is called astigmatism. Usually people with astigmatism are born to be. However others may get this because of bad use of eyes. If you get astigmatism, you will find that your eyes may easily get dry. You'd better not use eyes in front of computers for a long time. You could use the eyes drops often and use warm compress to release the eyes.

  • Cataracts are usually very small at the beginning and gradually grow larger over time. Early signs of cataracts include blurry vision and night halos and glare. In people with refractive visual errors, cataracts always cause a rapid prescription change because the lens is deteriorating. Only when daily lives are disrupted, cataracts require external removal. In some cases, tiny small cataracts in infants or youngsters do not draw serious concern.

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  • It may be caused by dryness or allergies. You can get some eyes drop at the pharmacy. If you wear contacts or eye make up, stop wearing them for several days. If it lasts for more than 3 days, you need to see an eye doctor.

  • If the earpiece sit too close to your ears, you can bend the earpiece section of the temples outward. That is to say, you should bend the earpieces outtowards to make them a little away from your head. Before you begin to adjust the earpiece, you can place the glasses frame in the hot water to make them pliable. Then place the glasses frame on a flat table and use one hand to hold the front part of the frame. And put the other hand under the earpiece to bend the earpiece outward little by little. Then try on your glasses to see whether make your comfortable to wear.

  • Well, take easy and it really hardly to cause eye problems. But it makes your painful indeed, especially hot coffee. However, if coffee entered your eyes, don't get out of them by your hands, that is, no rubbing on your eyes. You'd better use warm and clean water flush your eyes and then put a watery towel on your eyes for 10 minutes. After that, drop some basic drops into your eyes which may make your eyes much comfortable. If these remedies don't work, visit a doctor as soon as you can and take note from them.