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  • I am not sure if the optometrist can tell whether the sunglasses have UV protection. But I have heard that there is a machine to test how much UV rays can the sunglasses block.You can have a ask in the optical store.

  • It is normal for your eyes to tear up. However, if your eyes tear up very often, you need to pay much attention to them, since there might be some problem. Generally speaking, if the eyes were stimulated by the cold air or wind, there will be more tear. Here I still suggest you to see a doctor firstly.

  • A pinguecula is a small and yellowish nodule on the surface of the corners of the eye, and it can appear on either side of the cornea or on the nasal side. It may increase in size. Frequent exposure to ultraviolet light, toxic vapours, dust, wind, salt water spray can cause pinguecula. Those who suffer from pinguecula can feel as if there is a foreign object in the eye.

  • Migraine can be caused by many different factors, it is better for you to have a thorough exam including eye test to find the real cause.Some people do find that their migraine is worse or more frequent if their glasses are out of date.

  • Actually, it is not. Dazzling sunlight sometimes makes people be sensitive to light and a feeling of irritation if eyes. Yellow in your eyes may be just because of the color of sunshine. So you do not worry about that. However, if your yellow eyes exist constantly, you should go to see a doctor to determine the real reasons. Juandice may be one cause of yellow eyes.

  • Flaxseed oil has lots of utilities, it's always used in antitumor agent, and it can improve our nerves system, it also can reduce our inflammation and make our cells work efficiently. So it can help you to get rid of dry eyes in a certain degree, however, you'd better use eye drops.

  • As surfing is a kind of water sports, it is dangerous and exciting. You must equip with all necessary accessories, sunglasses is must-have. Sunglasses can protect eyes from irritation of lights and prevent salty water as we enjoy the happiness of the sea. However, there are some things you need to know about sunglasses while surfing. 1. Polarized sunglasses. The sunlight glare is very stronger. Polarized lens can reduce the glare and filter harmful light rays. 2. Adjustable and fitness. Surfing is a water sport, you need to move quickly as you are chasing waves. The sunglasses must be adjustable for complete fitness of your nose bridge and face figure. Anyway, get a professional one, like Rudy, Oakley. Rush to the sea!

  • Immediately after the LASIK procedure, your vision will still be quite blurry. It is common for one eye to be less comfortable than the other for the first few weeks and for one eye to see faster than the other. This is normal. It takes several weeks and often a few months for you vision to improve and stabilize. In the first week or two, most people feel as though they're looking through Vaseline, fog, or a dirty contact lens. Often they can see objects but the contrast or sharpness and clarity have not yet returned. This is completely normal. It usually takes a few weeks for this to start really coming back well and, by three months, most peoples' eyes and eye prescriptions have stabilized.

  • Well,I think this kind of contacts can satisfy you with color and power. Meanwhile they are daily wear which makes them economical although they might be a little low-key. If you think want to be more outstanding, the link below might be your better choice. There are more kinds of Halloween contact lenses.

  • You are either nearsighted or very farsighted. If you are farsighted your glasses will magnify you eyes a little. If you are nearsighted your glasses will make your eyes look a little smaller. That's the easiest way to know for sure.

    If you look in a mirror and slowly move your glasses away from your eyes they will appear to shrink if your glasses are for nearsightedness. The effect will be the opposite if you are farsighted.

    If you a nearsighted with a lot of astigmatism everything will look at least a bit fuzzy even close up. Severe farsightedness can also cause blur at all distances. I think you are probably nearsighted though.