Hi, I asked about sizing before purchasing my first pair glasses because I was concerned that none of Firmoo's eyewear would fit me. I was told that for the particular pair I was interested in, I could adjust the nose pads to compensate for the slightly wider width if necessary. I ended up ordering several pairs, the largest having a width of 136 mm (much wider than my usual 129-130 mm width from another retailer) and thankfully, they all fit very well. So I guess at Firmoo, the most suitable frame width for me is around 136-127 mm. Now I'm concerned with ordering frames that are slightly wider than that (~2-3 mm wider) like these. Do you think a 2-3 mm difference would make a huge change in fit?
Duc-Hanh on Aug 7 , 2017


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We replied under DBSN62305 and S7715. Please check. If you have small face, we recommend you to keep the same size or 2-3mm smaller glasses without nose pads. More questions, feel free to contact us:
Duc-Hanh Reply Duc-Hanh on Aug 7 , 2017