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I really wanted to love these glasses, but my lenses are so thick they bulge out of the sides and when looking straight the glasses make my eyes look kind of puny, as if it were under a magnifying glass. :( I haven’t worn them out because they are light though I wouldn’t say flimsy- just light and not as thick as my current glasses. We have had a few storms here in NC so the glasses came about a week later than expected and firmoo was good to send out emails regarding it’s delay. Other than that, purchasing was easy after I got my glasses prescription from my old doctor and they fit true to size, just unfortunately the sides are a bit of a turn off for me.
Jun 12 , 2018

I am just reading the tips now and see that it is not suitable for high prescription. I wish I saw that before I purchased this frame but next time I will be sure to read the tips as this one especially applied to me!
sarah mortero Reply firmoo on Jun 12 , 2018
Wow, such a prompt reply and person/ informative email from Firmoo. Thank you so much! I will be in touch via email. :)
sarah mortero Reply firmoo on Jun 12 , 2018
Dear customer, sorry about it. Please don't worry, we offer 30-day exchange/return policy. We will help if there is any problem with the lens. Our cs will contact you via email for details.
firmoo Reply Sarah on Jun 12 , 2018