If you do not know the answer please just say that. I’m going by your chart which show the frames as coming in a narrow, medium and wide. That link didn’t tell me anything. I see a pair that are similar to these frames that say medium F19501M. I’m just wondering if they are the same style? If not what’s different other then the size. It’s actually hard to tell on this site by just looking at the pictures. It would be easier if you had at least one pic of someone wearing all frames listed.
Bling2 on Jan 7 , 2020


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Dear customer, Narrow, medium and wide refers to the total width of the front of the frame. Please click on the frame fit button to see the actual dimension of a particular frame. The F19501M and FBOM1782 have a similar style but not exactly the same. You can check that there is a slight difference in the shape. Also, you may check on the customer's review to compare and see how the frame looks on them. Hope this is helpful. Thank you.heart
firmoo Reply Bling2 on Jan 7 , 2020