You guys are going to get a lot of ppl messed up. These frames were listed as narrow. Now they are listed as medium. What’s up with the changing of frames sizes? Btw these are NOT MEDIUM they are narrow... just trying to help others out!
PF1 on Mar 16 , 2020


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Dear Customer, I understand where you are coming from and sorry for the confusion. We have different frame suppliers and they have different measuring methods, so we re-measure the frame size and upload it to the website. Therefore, you could rely on the measurement listed on the frame page. As checked, this frame FBOM1782 has a size of 53-18-145(Medium). We understand that choosing a perfect frame size online can be tough sometimes so we suggest that you could please check this link for reference. I hope this is helpful. Have a nice day!heart
firmoo Reply PF1 on Mar 16 , 2020