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Doris Webster
I had a lot of great comments on these glasses. My only less than thrilled aspect is that I need trifocals, but could only get these as bifocals. Still good as a backup pair.
Dec 30 , 2017
Dear customer, we do offer multifocal lens, please contact us at service@firmoo.com if you need to exchange.
Frame Color: C048
Firmoo's Reply Doris Webster on Dec 30 , 2017
Christina Aguilera
These are very nice frames. They are chunky, but very fashionable. I get comments all the time when I dare to wear them.
Dec 10 , 2014
Elissa Bermas
I have had these for almost4 yrs now and get asked where I got them from still!! :)
Aug 22 , 2014
Boris Starosta
These glasses are comfortable and give me that unmistakeable Kim Il Sung style. The optics were well made.
Nov 25 , 2013
janet bernson
I loved these...made them into sunglasses...too bad I lost them and now the frame is unavailable.
Oct 3 , 2013
Susan LoFurno
My order was perfect. It arrived very quickly and I love my new glasses....I have ordered from Firmoo.com several different times!
Sep 26 , 2013
Mohsin Shabbir
These glasses are awesome. I've gotten non stop compliments! haha, your lucky if you can still get a pair.
Sep 19 , 2013
Cindy Nguyen
These are super cute! Unfortunately I decided to order without actually measuring so they're super huge on my face. Either way, I don't care. I'll still find an opportunity to wear them.
Sep 5 , 2013
Daniella Camara
Very nice frames, comfortable and stylish. Get compliments on them all the time.
Jul 3 , 2013
Sandra Park
Best glasses I have ever owned.
May 8 , 2013