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Love them! Next time I'll get non glare for my lens. But the style is perfect. Really happy and will be ordering again soon.
Jun 2 , 2019
Yes, it was the perfect size. Usually your frames are a little large.
May 21 , 2019
Kali Kuharevicz
AMAZING! Love these! I get a lot of "Harry Potter" comments but I don't care + I don't even like HP!!
Apr 11 , 2019
maegen chaplin
these. look no good. props to whoever can pull these off
Apr 7 , 2019
Thought these were gonna be huge, but are the perfect size for narrow faces. Love round glasses but they’re always so small, these are medium to slightly larger and I LOVE THEM!
Apr 5 , 2019
I love my new prescription sunglasses. Frames fit perfect and the lenses are amazing. Can’t wait to order my next set. I am very happy with my purchase.
Mar 25 , 2019
These frames are perfect! They look amazing and extremely stylish. They're the perfect size also. I had a problem with my order and customer service was super responsive and provided me with great customer service and resolved my problem quickly. The Rx lens are excellent. Very fast shipping. Met all my expectations and more! Highly recommend these frames and Firmoo as a company. Been a customer for years. Had many pairs of Rx glasses made and they were always accurate and beautiful.
Mar 5 , 2019
Roumli Ahmed Samira
good evening I was too eager to receive my pair of glasses but alas you had not respected my prescription (my ward distance (PD)) yet it is indicated in my order and it is 65. For the glasses you m ' have to send are more small and do not suit me. This is the second time I order from you.  the first time it was too good but this time at all. I hope others who are in the course of delivery correspond to my prescription because yes I'm waiting for a third pair expected to arrive this week. If I had the financial means to return the pair that does not match me I would have returned because it will not serve me. Apart from this mishap your lunttes are superb quality price !
Feb 18 , 2019
Darlene Sandoval
I love my new prescription glasses and sunglasses! The shipping was so much faster than I expected. Thank you so much!
Jan 25 , 2019
Ashley Louise
These glasses are stunning! Very comfortable and lightweight. I got the blue light blocking lenses and I can see very well.
Dec 23 , 2018