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I have a very high prescription (-8.25) the glasses were very affordable with the thinnest lens! I suggest spending the money on the top coatings. It’s only an extra 10-20 I believe? And the anti scratch, reflection etc is worth it! I love these glasses so much! I usually spend upwards of $800 at the optometrist. Great customer service as well! Will definitely order another pair.
Jun 1 , 2020
I really like these glasses. The perscription is crystal clear - they are a bit on the "trendy" side.. they sit quite low on the cheek area because they are rather large lenses. Quality is excellent for the price especially. Already ordered a third pair from Firmoo.
May 30 , 2020
I can't stop staring at myself, I love these glasses so much. I was worried they might be too big for my taste but they're perfect. They sit perfectly on my nose and fit my big head very well. My prescription is perfect too, no issues there either. Definitely recommend them! This is my third pair of Firmoo glasses and even after buying some really expensive glasses in other shops I always find my way back here because the quality is just as good, but much cheaper!
May 23 , 2020
Malaney Young
Loved these frames! They are a bit big but super cute. I tend to like bigger frames/glasses!
May 13 , 2020
Dear Customer, thank you for your comments. We understand that choosing a perfect frame size online can be tough sometimes so we suggest that you could please check this link https://www.firmoo.com/help-p-1.shtml for reference. We offer 30-Day Exchange&Return: Unsatisfactory glasses can be exchanged or refunded within 30 days of receiving. Only shipping fees will apply. Please feel free to contact us if you need. Stay safe and healthy!heart
Firmoo's Reply Malaney Young on May 13 , 2020
Absolutely amazing. Super high quality, perfect prescription, and super adorable. Very happy I made this purchase. I will definitely be ordering more styles.
May 7 , 2020
An absolute gem in Firmoo's selection of frames! The frames are substantial and don't feel flimsy. The temples are very robust and are spring loaded so there's a satisfying snappiness when you fold them down. They are comfortable to wear all day and the duality of the half black/half gold rims are balanced well and add a nice touch of flair to otherwise solid colored rims found in other models. Highly recommend these because of their style, and robustness in build.
Apr 30 , 2020
I have been looking for this frame style in a size that fits me for a while, as I have a round face and this style tends to run in only smaller sizes. I am super happy with the fit and feel of these frames!
Apr 28 , 2020
Super cute glasses. However , quality is very poor. I guess i got what i paid for. The screw on left side handle of my glasses fell out after one month use. Eventually , I ended up having to tape the handles to keep it in place. Ended up having to order another pair of glasses from another site as I can’t wear glasses In public with tape on it.
Apr 26 , 2020
Dear Customer, we are sorry to hear that. This frame is made of metal material which is very lightweight, flexible but durable. The lifespan of eyeglasses not only depends on the quality of materials but also maintenance. By the way, there are several helpful tips for glasses maintenance. Please click here to see the details. Moreover, we offer 3 months warranty service which covers any possible defect in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, negligence, or improper care. Allow us to further check on this and our CSR will reach out to you via email (within 24 hours during weekdays and 48 hours when weekends). Please check your inbox or spam mail. Stay safe and healthy! Thanks!heart
Firmoo's Reply undefined on Apr 27 , 2020
Love it, fits perfectly and very lightweight.
Apr 21 , 2020
I love my first frames!!!
Apr 18 , 2020