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Mary-Anne Robinson
This frame looked great on my daughter. Very bookie.
Jun 17 , 2018
These are amazing. They are constructed well and are sturdy. They fit so perfectly as if I had been fitted my a professional. Love there so much!!
Jun 2 , 2018
These are by far a top favorite of mine. Their shape is definitely unique that I haven't been able to find in looking for eyeglasses as typical retailers.
Apr 17 , 2018
Catherine Anderson
So cute! I love these and can see great with them.
Apr 16 , 2018
Vivian Lavinder
I love this frame. It's great to have more than one pair to wear with different outfits and to show different looks. I always get compliments.
Mar 21 , 2018
Andrea KE
LOVE this pair. Ordered it solely for the Blue Light Blocking Lens since I am on the computer all day and get easily nauseous (so they're non-prescription). A friend has a Ray Ban pair, very similar to this style, and gets a ton of compliments on it - so I decided to go with these myself! Very comfortable on my face, made a huge difference through my workday, and I received many compliments already. Definitely a great start with Firmoo since it's my first time wearing glasses and I thought it would take a while to get used to.
Sep 22 , 2017
Noreen Whitmill
I loved the glasses but they broke at the temple and not where the screws are the plastic cracked past the hinges (so they were not repairable). I still have my other pair that are similar and I worry they will do the same thing-so I make sure I am extra careful in handling. I just ordered 2 new pairs because I do like the styles you offer and the price and the fast shipping. Otherwise I have purchased other glasses online with other companies and ended up not seeing correctly because the lenses were not made correctly. I did not have that problem with your glasses so I believe your lens makers are top notch. I wish I had kept the broken ones but I threw them out. I hopefully will be more satisfied with the next glasses that are on the way.
May 2 , 2017
Carolyn Evans
they are the best ones i have
Jan 1 , 2017
Gleolidia Farmer
I bought these for my son, he just loved the look & feel of them. You can't go wrong with these frames. He used the try-on feature so helpful. Your site made shopping for frames fun!
Nov 13 , 2016
Kychina Bush
I love these frames! They fit perfectly! The prescription is great! The service was awesome and fast!
Oct 21 , 2016
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