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10/10 recommend! Great quality & super cute! Shipped quick!! Just ordered 2 more!!!!
May 1 , 2020
Karla Tate
Love these glasses!! They’re my favorite pair. I wish they still had the Reds, I need another pair!
Apr 13 , 2020
Lorreal Bermudez
I absolutely love these glasses. They are super cute and fun.
Mar 8 , 2020
This was my first order from firmoo and won’t be my last. I purchased a very expensive pair of glasses less than a year ago and unfortunately they were left in reach of my sweet beagle. I came across firmoo on YouTube and thought I’d order a pair until I could replace my original pair. Turns out I basically found the exact same pair as my $300 pair for a whopping $30. These frames might be slightly bigger but you can’t beat it for the price. I was sent a code for friends to get 50% off frames : D1B2W6 Enjoy!
Jan 26 , 2020
Theses are very sturdy, and strong. They are not flimsy or fragile. Firmoo frames and lens are made very well, great quality frames, just as beautiful as designer frames.
Jan 10 , 2020
What color tint do you have?
Caternia Hall Reply RiRi on May 3 , 2020
I bought two glasses from Firmoo.com, so far, and between the two, I actually like this a little less. When I chose these frames, I got the pop-up that read, "Your PD is smaller than the minimum PD of this frame, but we can process with an extra charge of $10. Or you may choose another frame with smaller lens size." That said, I feel like the bridge width on these frames don't suit me as well as the other pair I got (S939). You can't really tell the difference, unless you're paying close attention, though. Other than that, I still think these frames are cute and they're literally just like one of the glasses from the Snapchat filters! The blue-light lenses are also quite effective and make them great for my office work~
Jan 7 , 2020
Amazing glasses- really fun color - very durable- great buy
Dec 29 , 2019
Delia Cedano BM-168492
Cute. I just notice them a little bit weak than what I've expected. But definitely looks cute.
Dec 25 , 2019
Mimi R.
These frames were nicer than I thought they'd be. They're a bit over-sized on my face, but I like that. Sturdy because I'm rough on my frames. Fell asleep with them on twice already and they're holding up. :)
Dec 12 , 2019
I have had so many complications on these frames. I adore them!!!! First time ordering glasses online. Very pleased with both pairs that I purchased.
Dec 4 , 2019