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I love the shape and quality, the color is a bit brighter than expected though. But still recommend Firmoo.
Jun 5 , 2019
I was so excited to find such a cute pair of glasses online but a little nervous that they wouldn't look as good on me as I thought they would. But once I recieved them my worries were gone they look so cute on and I have gotten tons of compliments on them. I absolutely love them! They are great quality too! I will now buying all my glasses from this site they always kept me updated on where my glasses were and they got here faster then when I would buy them from my optometrist and for a way better price too!!
May 12 , 2019
So the frame is a little bit big, but I think that might be my own fault because I'm terrible with numbers and can't measure anything for my life. I do like the oversized look though, I bought them in clear pink and they're very nice.
Apr 29 , 2019
These are my third pair of Firmoos, and I love them! I'm so grateful I found Firmoo and am able to afford several pairs of glasses in different styles. The lenses are Blue Light Blocking and I've noticed reduced digital eye strain and I've been sleeping better at night. Definitely worth the upgrade!
Apr 24 , 2019
I love my new glasses. This is the second pair of glasses I have bought from Firmoo. They fit great and quality is great. Received them quickly and the price was very reasonable. Cannot buy the same from a local optical place for less than 2x the price.
Mar 10 , 2019
Gail Radcliff
Awesome frames, stylish and I get so many compliments.
Feb 17 , 2019
Surprisingly these lenses fit me the best, and look the best on my pear/round shaped face. This is due mostly to the narrow bridge area, so the glasses are never sliding down my face. The rose pattern looks very feminine and fits my neutral skin tone.
Feb 4 , 2019
Marsha Snoddy
Absolutely Love These Frames!
Feb 3 , 2019
This is the first time I've ordered glasses online, and Firmoo really sold it for me! These glasses fit perfectly, the prescription was spot on -- I'd definitely recommend this site to others. I've tried Zenni (to order my dad glasses) but the checkout process was more complicated than it should have been, while Firmoo's checkout is so easy! The one thing I'd say is to add more frames for older generations; nothing suited my dad, so I bought his glasses from Zenni. However, I buy mine from here, and I'm definitely going to buy another pair soon!
Jan 29 , 2019
Dear customer, thanks for your support! We will consider carrying more styles. Thank you so much!
Firmoo's Reply Geena on Jan 29 , 2019
Berni Zopf
Frame is good quality and glasses fit nicely. I would order from Firmoo again. Great customer service to fix my prescription so it worked with these frames. Very fast delivery to Canada.
Jan 9 , 2019