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3.5 6 Reviews
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Cyds Pick
My daughter love these glasses. They are light weight and cute. They are very flexible so they are not easy to break for kids. Love these and would recommend these for children.
Sep 18 , 2018
Shelley Han
Best frame ever! Very sturdy Frame!
Aug 25 , 2018
Amalia Coronado
Love the color of these glasses. They work great and fit perfectly.
Apr 5 , 2018
Maria Alvarez Garcia
These glasses are a waste of money . The middle part where you can extend the frame gets stuck on the hair , gets tangled and pulls hard when trying to take them off. Don’t buy these glasses !!!
Apr 5 , 2018
Megan Jacob
Great frames for my boys!
Nov 6 , 2017
Teresa Pérez Moreno
Las monturas de las gafas al tenerlas en las manos son endebles y parecen de mala calidad.
Apr 20 , 2017