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Male Oval Faced. These things look AMAZING for the price! I'd never buy those crappy $200 designer glasses after feeling and seeing the quality of these frames, I'm ordering 2 more spares lol.
May 15 , 2020
Got these for my boyfriend and he loves em!
May 11 , 2020
I have a rounder face & I’m always worried about my glasses emphasizing that, but these are so cute. Live in Alberta, Canada & these arrived in about 10 days.
Apr 15 , 2020
I have a seven year old who is currently obsessed with stealing my glasses and wearing them so I needed a tougher frame for at home. I figured I would try these out and they did not disappoint! They are comfortable and still light. They look cute and they're tough!
Apr 1 , 2020
Sarah Van Der Weide
Never received them.
Mar 9 , 2020
Dear Customer, we are sorry to hear that and for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Please don't worry, rest assured that this will be taken care of. Allow us to further check on this and our CSR will reach out to you via email (within 24 hours during weekdays and 48 hours when weekends). Please check your inbox or spam mail. Thank you.heart
Firmoo's Reply Sarah Van Der Weide on Mar 9 , 2020
Judy Stewart
Very stylish. My 15 year old loved them on him.
Feb 29 , 2020
Love the style and they feel great, won’t break easily either
Feb 21 , 2020
natalie Malone
I wanted something different and boy I was not disappointed. They are super comfortable and sturdy. I have a two year old who loves breaking my glasses.
Feb 5 , 2020
Perfect condition, fits perfectly.
Jan 27 , 2020
I was scared to see how they would look on me, but I received them and they’re great! They’re extremely sturdy and fit my face well.
Jan 25 , 2020