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I purchased these for my husband and he lov s them.
Jul 30 , 2018
Nice colour :)
Jul 23 , 2018
Stefano Ligozzi
Perfect to use in my computer :)
Jul 3 , 2018
Super lightweight, cool color, quickly received. My progressive scrip is perfectly ground. Best value I have found.
May 24 , 2018
The frames ended uo being a lot larger than I had anticipated judging by the photo. It is unfortunate because the color is so fun and vibrant. Also the ear pieces as you can see in photo are black but i didnt realize they were cheap plastic.
Apr 28 , 2018
Marina Viskadouraki
I really love this frame. First of all the quality of the frame is great, eventhough the price is low. It fits with my face perfectly. If you have another pair of glasses at home and you measure that frame then you can choose exactly what will fit you from Firmoo. Everything about this frame is super for me!
Apr 4 , 2018
I ordered the light brown. Look great and the quality is excellent. Also they are lightweight. A little on the big side for my face but i like them. I have ordered several pairs from Firmoo and haven't been disappointed yet!
Mar 22 , 2018
Michelle Munoz
I love the frames but they pinch my nose. I'm only returning them to get a bigger size. This one also arrived damaged on the frame. But I would keep them if it didnit hurt my nose so much.
Sep 29 , 2017
kyu joh
these are neat. They're VERY light for plastic frames and they fit my head perfectly. if you look at the pictures, the grey isn't as SHINY as the other colors. and since i have a dull personality, i ordered grey.. these are currently my every day pairs. will probably order the other colors at a later time.
Jun 9 , 2017
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