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Awesome sunglasses!
Aug 27 , 2018
Osato Ukponmwan
Good looking pair of glasses. Real scholar looking.
May 28 , 2018
Jennie Lamidi
I continue to get compliments when I wear these frames. They are very fashionable and can match any pair of clothing you decide to wear! With prescription these frames are selling at a reasonable price AND there are many options to customize. With that being said have fun with it and order some frames outside your normal look! I promise you, you will love it!
Apr 5 , 2018
Alexander Xin
Really nice, classic studious look. Pretty much exactly as you'd expect! Great quality too, put these through the ringer and they're fine.
Apr 4 , 2018
Leonela Ramirez
This is such a perfect frame. They're the perfect size for my face, I constantly get compliments with them on. They came in perfect condition a slightly crooked but thats an ease fix. i love my new pair.
Mar 30 , 2018
Jimmy Chen
This frame fits me pretty well. It looks good and quality is excellent! I have been wearing it for one year, and it is still in good condition. I like this frame very much.
Mar 23 , 2018
Angela Nguyen
They came in the mail on time and fit and look great on! Great product for the price.
Mar 15 , 2018
William Robb
Fantastic service & product. Exceptional quality & exactly what I ordered. Several friends have commented on how great the glasses look on me. They are also looking at purchasing from Firmoo. Bill from New Zealand
Feb 15 , 2018
Keonna Jones
These are sooooo bomb but big..they got gold trimmings and look good with gold accessories.
Oct 18 , 2017
Pamela Terry
The glasses really nice. However, we don't have an option locally to fit the glasses to our faces!! Do you have somewhere in Austin Texas we can go to get service/fitting??
Oct 7 , 2017
I'm sorry we are the online store and we don't have any local stores. But we could help you exchange them if you want. Please contact our CSR at service@firmoo.com for more help!
Frame Color: C04
Firmoo's Reply Pamela Terry on Oct 7 , 2017
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