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Steven Weathers
I was a little nervous at first, these glasses are lot more...interesting(?) than what I usually wear, but I think I love them! Everyone else has said they look great too! Very comfortable
Jul 15 , 2019
Francis Robles
Kayla Knox
I love these glasses, I get so many compliments! I bought them in two colors.
Jul 12 , 2019
Marche Hill
These glasses are my babies. I have bought a few glasses off of this website and these are my all time favorites. They fit perfectly and go with any outfit
Jul 6 , 2019
Clear is in ladies and gentlemen! I always get compliments on these frames, i love them! I got them because of the size of the frame. I like wearing colorful eyeshadows and the size of the frame is perfect. 1st time ever ordering online, was a good experice; on time and the prescription was on point.
Jul 5 , 2019
Awww your Soo pretty and they are adorable on you . I just ordered my first couple pair last week so I'm glad to know the prescription is right on.. super excited
Tish Cardarelli Reply MARILL on Jul 6 , 2019
i ordered these glasses from $1 and I am in love with them I thought they were going to be cheaply made but they are perfectly strong. I recommend them to anybody
Jul 5 , 2019
I love how big these frames are. The style is so cute. Unfortunately, they are little too wide and keep sliding off my face. I was able to remedy this by ordering these little rubber hook things on Amazon that attach to the arms of your glasses to hook behind your ears. However, they also feel a little overly magnified when I look through them. After a few days, my eyes adjusted a lot more, but after a week, I still get a bit of a headache. It still just doesn't seem quite right. I ordered the recommended lenses as far as thickness goes, so I think the issue might be that the frames are so big. I am exchanging them for frames who's lenses are a little shorter in width and a little less large and round. Aside from all that, I feel like the frames are a decent quality for the price.
Jul 4 , 2019
Hello dear customer, sorry for the inconvenience. We have issued the coupon for you and got your new order. Please rest assured that we will process it for you as soon as possible!
Firmoo's Reply Sophia on Jul 4 , 2019
Love these frames! Got them for $1 through the facebook promotion. They are wonderful and way better than my old glasses i paid over $100 for. Never again!
Jul 3 , 2019
Fole Timme
They are super cheap- but don’t feel cheap!! I love!
Jul 3 , 2019
aubrey morrow
Also forgot to mention I paid express shipping and received my glasses in exactly a week!
Jul 1 , 2019