Do you have bifocals?
Carolyn Sanders on Mar 19 , 2020
Dear Customer, I'm afraid that this frame ST947, sunglasses can only be used for distance, not for reading, bifocal or progressive. However, you can choose regular frames with lens color. You can also order photochromic lens, tint lens or polarized lens for regular glasses, they will work as sunglasses. You may also check this link for more information, Check here for step-by-step guidance: For any further questions or immediate assistance, you may also call our call center thru toll-free hotline at 1-855-487-6006 opens every day from 7 a.m.- 4 p.m. PDT. You can also contact us through our Live Chat Support Team: Start a live chat (every day, 5 a.m.–8 p.m. PDT.). I hope this is helpful. Have a nice day!heart
Firmoo's reply to Carolyn Sanders on Mar 19 , 2020
Do they protect against uv rays?
Cassie Kearns on Jun 26 , 2019
Thanks for your interest!
Our lenses are made of resin, which are lightweight and highly impact-resistant. Resin lenses also have a strong ability to block ultraviolet radiation to protect your eyes. To have UV rays against function you may consider to have coatings with tint/photochromic/ Mirror .
Firmoo's reply to Cassie Kearns on Jun 26 , 2019
Do you sell clip on sunglasses
Sheri on May 30 , 2019

Thanks for your interest and so sorry we  don’t sell clip-on/magnet sunglasses right now. 
Kindly check the link below for various styles of sunglasses

Firmoo's reply to Sheri on May 30 , 2019
Will you be bringing back the gold mirrored lens option?
Gold lover on May 1 , 2019
Dear customer, Sorry for the inconvenience! We will not put the gold mirror lens on website recently. Currently, we only offer mirror blue and silver options. Hope you understand that! Thank you!
Firmoo's reply to Gold lover on May 1 , 2019
Please bring gold lens back, lots of customers want it. Or rose gold lens.
Liz on Apr 29 , 2019
Dear customer, thank you for your feedback. We will take it into consideration and try our best to take them back in the future if possible.
Firmoo's reply to Liz on Apr 29 , 2019
When will the gold mirror lenses be back in stock? I want a pink frame with these lenses. Thank you :)
Hazel on Apr 26 , 2019
We are sorry the the mirror gold lenses might be not available again. Would you like to have a try with another colors available?
Firmoo's reply to Hazel on Apr 26 , 2019
What is the closest style for regular glasses?
Sara on Jan 14 , 2019
When are you going to have pink (C9) frame?
Janice Magan on Nov 22 , 2018
Dear customer, we are sorry it won't be back in stock recently. You could try this one below with tint lenses.
Firmoo's reply to Janice Magan on Nov 22 , 2018
What is the UV protection of the sunglasses?
M on Oct 13 , 2018
The polarized lenses and mirror lenses are 100% UV protection. And the regular tint lenses (dark grey and dark brown) are about 90% UV protection.
Firmoo's reply to M on Oct 13 , 2018
Hi, what is the difference between the colours black (C1) and black/gold (C1-F)? They look the same to me.
RH on Jul 16 , 2018
The color is the same. The (C1-F) is our special customized one with better quality. :)
Firmoo's reply to RH on Jul 16 , 2018
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