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Emily Franklin
These glasses are amazing!
Apr 8 , 2019
My first online glasses and I absolutely love them! Suits my small face, good quality and fast delivery.
Apr 4 , 2019
It is good for average narrow face. I have a very narrow face, it is big for me. Quality is not high, but okey for the price. Dont feet for chubby face, but if you have square, this round glasses are really good.
Apr 2 , 2019
Sarah Moats
New favorite frames !
Mar 11 , 2019
I love them! It's a very light model, but it's very resilient. I've been wearing these glasses for three months and they're great. The people around me praise a lot my new glasses and also love them! Very fast delivery. The recipe was really accurate. My face is small and oval, and I fit very well. I recommend buying your new glasses here. I will definitely go back to buy more models from Firmoo, I love them!!! :D Thank you Firmoo!
Feb 6 , 2019
These frames are beautiful! I got the blue light blocking lenses so I use them as my computer glasses and they work great. The computer screen looks crystal clear and they really ease the strain on my eyes. Plus they were super cheap and my prescription matched perfectly! Thanks firmoo ❤️
Dec 29 , 2018
Makenzie Reynolds
These glasses fit really nice. They are a bit small on the sides though. When i first got them they indented my face. But they are nice now
Dec 25 , 2018
These glasses fit so perfectly to my head since my head is on the more small and narrow side. These glasses are better than the ones I purchased at my eye doctor's for 3x the price. They are so stylish and go well with any outfit I wear. People compliment me on these almost every day and my prescription is in them so I can see clearly and look cute at the same time!
Nov 10 , 2018
I love the shape for my face. Clearly I am not the skinniest and I have a rounder face. I was super sceptical about ordering these but I am glad I did!! They fit my head perfectly and my script was on point. It took a week to get these shipped to me. I honestly will be ordering from them again!
Sep 5 , 2018
These frames are really stylish. It's just sad that they couldn't fit as they're tight.
Sep 1 , 2018
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