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I love them. They fit my fat face perfectly.
Jun 1 , 2020
I really liked these glasses but sadly the roundness of the frame at the bottom didn't look right on my face. I still would wear these but not for everyday use. Going to be ordering another pair today though :)
May 29 , 2020
Dear Customer, thank you for your comments and we are sorry to hear that. We understand that choosing a perfect frame style online can be tough sometimes but can be easy as well. Follow the below instructions and steps to get your fit pair. 1. Check face shape and frame style. 2. Use virtual try-on feature for style references. 3. Check how to measure frame size. We offer 30-Day Exchange&Return: Unsatisfactory glasses can be exchanged or refunded within 30 days of receiving. Only shipping fees will apply. Please feel free to contact us if you need. Stay safe and healthy!heart
Firmoo's Reply Rhonda on May 29 , 2020
I LOVE these glasses so comfortable, my favourite so far ( 10 pairs in total)
May 16 , 2020
I love these frames so much. I get asked about them each and everytime I wear them. They are super stylish don't feel or look cheap.. Definitely worth it!
Apr 20 , 2020
I LOVE these glasses! I'm always stopped & complimented on my frames. They're very stylish in both the black/gold & clear/gold (the gold being the most eye-catching), & they dress up any outfit. I was unsure of how the frames would look based on my try-on, but I'm so happy I took a chance!
Apr 17 , 2020
Fierce woman
These glasses are so beautiful and stylish. My prescription is on point and I got my order four days ahead of time. I have gotten alot of comments. The material is good. I dropped these glasses twice and not one mark is on them. Thank you firmoo for beautiful affordable glasses.
Apr 16 , 2020
Love my glasses they fit great and look good
Apr 10 , 2020
Just perfect
Apr 10 , 2020
Love them! They are very durable and I get compliments almost every single day. People think they were expensive, but I got them cheap. I would recommend these!!!!
Apr 5 , 2020
Love love love these!!! I was debating on getting aviators as regular glasses but I’m they are awesome! I love how they make me look. I love the way the gold frames the turtle design on them. Thank you!
Apr 3 , 2020