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Julie Williams
Right lens is scratched. It isn't noticable unless I'm wearing them at night.
Jun 4 , 2019
Thanks for your feedback and sincerely sorry about the inconvenience. No worries, Customers will enjoy a 3-month warranty (3 months of receiving), covering any possible defect in materials and workmanship. Your exclusive CSR is contacting you through Email to find a good solutionheart
Firmoo's Reply Julie Williams on Jun 4 , 2019
These are my favorite glasses! They are light weight, comfortable, and fit well.
May 27 , 2019
Love these glasses! Fit perfect and very comfortable
May 20 , 2019
I love them! Frames are lightweight but feel sturdy. They fit great, don't rub around the ears or slide down the nose. Only problem I had was they seem too strong, not sure if this is their error or need my script adjusted at the eye doc since it's a new one.
Apr 20 , 2019
Dear customer, if you do not mind, would you please send us a picture of your original prescription for checking? And it may take several days to get used to the new prescription. No worries, if you still could not get used to them, you could submit the return/exchange request in your account within 30 days of receiving. We will never let you take any loss!
Firmoo's Reply critty on Apr 20 , 2019
I like how light is the frames of glasses. The style is great too. The only problem is the glasses I got is 54-17-137 which is bigger than the description. So, it is sliding down my face. So, be aware of the size
Apr 10 , 2019
Dear customer, sorry for the inconvenience. We have different frame suppliers and they have different measuring methods, so we re-measure the frame size and upload it to the website. Therefore, you could rely on the measurement listed on the frame page. No worries. If the glasses do not fit you, you could submit the return/exchange request in your account within 30 days of receiving. We could help to return or exchange. Thank you! :)
Firmoo's Reply Sandra on Apr 10 , 2019
Just received them today. Very quick shipping, took 7 days (business days). Good quality, right sizes and prescription je respectes. Only fall, I ordered black and blue matt, but received glossy black. Still looks Nice and I'm satistfied with the outcome.
Mar 12 , 2019
Quick turnaround, great quality. 4th pair of glasses from Firmoo and I'll be back.
Mar 2 , 2019
The glasses are super light and look really good. I’m really enjoying them right now.
Mar 2 , 2019
Rodney Miller
These frames are very comfortable and surprisingly lightweight. Normally, I have issues with frames like these sliding down my nose, but these stay where they’re supposed to be
Jan 24 , 2019
Diana Palma
They are very beautiful and they will fit perfect on almost any faceshape.
Jan 20 , 2019
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