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i like then but also ehh. since they are big i feel like i’m not sure how to have them on my face so i don’t get a headache or not looking in the right spot. very clear lenses. maybe a small headache?? idk. also trying to figure out if i like how they look on me
May 14 , 2019
Patricia Molina
I love these frames!! They’re the exact oversized clear frame I’ve been looking for. I get so many compliments on them. And you can’t beat this price for some cute glasses!
May 8 , 2019
My mother loves them!
Apr 28 , 2019
I honestly wasn't sure what to expect with these glasses. I have never ordered glasses online without trying them on first, and I also was a little skeptical of the price. However, I am so so happy with them! They honestly fit really well, the website is super user-friendly​, and I will most definitely be ordering from here again.
Apr 3 , 2019
Meranda Chambers
These galsses are so cute, I was hoping they would be just as awesome in person, but the way the lenses are make them unwearable, it's almost like having fish eye vision and it causes an instant headache. I hope this was just a mistake on their part for my glasses and not everyone that ordered has the same problem. It's frustrating to spend money on something even if it was a good deal only to never be able to wear the glasses and have them sit in a drawer forever.
Mar 30 , 2019
The frames are good :)
Feb 19 , 2019
Danielle Stewart
I I tried to respond back but it wouldn't let me submit yes I will take the 50% code off the pair of glasses the othe pair of glasses give me the code for the regular price of the glasses
Dec 21 , 2018
Love them!
Dec 20 , 2018
Carmina Lozada
I truly love this glasses They just arrive and I'm socked with the high quality In both colores are gorgeous! ?
Dec 10 , 2018
I love these! they're very cute and I get compliments all the time. They're big without looking ridiculous and the gold accents are great.
Nov 20 , 2018