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I love the look of these glasses! My wife say they are super cute on me as well!
Jul 11 , 2019
Michael Nguyen
Super cute glasses but these are narrow so definitely measure your glasses sizes before purchasing!
Jun 22 , 2019
Michael Nguyen
These look great but the sides are a bit on the thicker side (this is mostly preference). For me, the thick sides can sometimes add pressure to your head but the style is definitely there.
Jun 22 , 2019
Ilsa Menendez
These are definitely the best glasses I’ve ever had! They’re so stylish and actually very sturdy! I always get compliments while wearing these?
Apr 30 , 2019
I get so many compliments on my glasses... I need business cards to just have at my desk or in my pocket. I love them. Very comfortable and of course they can go with anything I wear
Mar 18 , 2019
I was looking for a larger frame that wouldn't look clownish and these were perfect! I love the light purple color.
Feb 19 , 2019
rebeca fonseca
These wear great and got a lot of compliments, i just wish the legs werent loose so fast
Dec 22 , 2018
Ashley Potts
This is my new favorite pair of glasses. They look great, fit great, and feel great. Thanks for having such a great selection and great affordable prices. #Teamfirmoo!
Dec 20 , 2018
fetaveius wise
The glasses fit amazing I love them I only had them on for a hour and got so many compliments, thank you I’ll definitely be shopping again
Dec 10 , 2018
This frame is one of my favorites and I get so many compliments on them. I’ve been ordering from firmoo for 2 years. No complaints, easy ordering and the staff is excellent. The turnaround to receive is always right on point! Thanks Firmo! #Glasses #Firmoo
Dec 9 , 2018