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Jay Hamilton
These frames are great!
Feb 12 , 2019
Rachel Côté
Très jolie mais un peu petite
Nov 28 , 2018
I bought these glasses expecting them to be of what I purchase. Nice and clean. They came uneven, one side was lower than the other, and this is something I can’t fix myself. Im disappointed.
Aug 23 , 2018
Annette Lopez
I have reached out to Firmoo the same day both pairs of glasses arrived uneven and have requested a return as of 05/11/2018 with no response. I will admit that this is the first time I have encountered an issue. I am quite disappointed and not receiving any kind of response is a turn off from the company.
May 20 , 2018
Elizabeth Alejandre
I love. the expectations were met 100%. I am satisfied with the service-quality, the lenses have adapted well to the shape of my face. they will not regret
May 9 , 2018
I love the frame it is lightweight and very chic.
Apr 26 , 2018
Marcos Reveron
Really nice frames! They fit really well. 10/10
Mar 13 , 2018
Camryn Mullen
Love them! Will order again !
Mar 7 , 2018
Mayra Ruiz
The glasses are more rectangle than square and sit below my eyes and touch my cheeks. Also the frame is very flimsy almost stretchy like. I did not like these glasses. But firmoo is still awesome !
Feb 20 , 2018