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I’m in love with these glasses!!!!!! They’re definitely worth it
Nov 24 , 2018
Perfect fit, solid construction. I get lots off comments on how much people love them. The blue light protection is worth it.
Nov 24 , 2018
When I first received the glasses I thought they were really nice looking. However after the first week of wearing them the screws that hold the middle metal piece and the metal sides quickly became loose, no matter how many times I tightened the screws it would get loose again within a couple days. And by loose, I mean if I barely tilted my head forward the glasses would immediately slide down off my face. Got so irritating to the point that I stopped wearing these and got a different pair instead.
Nov 3 , 2018
mariana costanzo
Hermosos! Muy buena calidad. Sin dudas voy a volver a comprar
Nov 1 , 2018
Very clean and neat.
Oct 31 , 2018
Eunice Green
I love the style it's just big for my small face.
Oct 13 , 2018
I ordered these for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves them. And I'm glad I got these for him they look so great on him. Love love!!
Oct 12 , 2018
I already feel better just wearing my new blue light lens frames at work :) worth the buy!
Oct 2 , 2018
These glasses are wonderful! Very light and the detail is exceptional. I love them so much and plan on getting more glasses from firmoo!
Aug 31 , 2018
Greg Tytens
Great price/quality. I wear this pair a lot.
Aug 15 , 2018
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