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Edgardo Olivera
Are comfortable and arrive in 10 day,I love firmoo that are my third pair of lens of firmoo.
Apr 29 , 2019
I very much love these glasses they're perfect
Apr 10 , 2019
I have a wide face so they look perfect. Not stuck to my face like some frames. Built to last! Comfortable fit. I did have to get used to the weight bc my previous pair were feather weight and too light. These are normal weight and more comfortable.
Mar 31 , 2019
Uncle Les
Glasses arrived today via DHL. Fitted real nice. Really impressed with the overall service, ordering process, dispatch times and timely information provided at every stage. Worth the wait!
Feb 20 , 2019
I am absolutely in love with these frames! At first, I was very hesitant in purchasing them because I have astigmatism and my prescription is VERY high. I was afraid the lenses would still be super thick despite having them thinned out. I can officially say I was not disappointed! They are is beautiful and I’ve gotten many compliments. The only downside is that they slide off my face easily. But overall, completely worth it. I have the transition ones and they are amazing.
Jan 12 , 2019
thelma wright
They are nice but too big on me
Dec 26 , 2018
I love these! They fit so good and I look like an harry potter fan/super nerd. They are awesome!
Nov 30 , 2018
I’m in love with these glasses!!!!!! They’re definitely worth it
Nov 24 , 2018
Perfect fit, solid construction. I get lots off comments on how much people love them. The blue light protection is worth it.
Nov 24 , 2018
When I first received the glasses I thought they were really nice looking. However after the first week of wearing them the screws that hold the middle metal piece and the metal sides quickly became loose, no matter how many times I tightened the screws it would get loose again within a couple days. And by loose, I mean if I barely tilted my head forward the glasses would immediately slide down off my face. Got so irritating to the point that I stopped wearing these and got a different pair instead.
Nov 3 , 2018
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