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4.4 5 Reviews
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One of my favorite pair of glasses I ordered from this site.
Dec 19 , 2018
LOVE THESE GLASSES. A must buy. I just got the frames in black and they are just as adorable as these.
Dec 19 , 2018
Eli Robles
Simply wonderful. Perfect frame, perfect fit, prescription ok. Very nice frame!!
Aug 31 , 2018
These look great but the only thing keeping them together is the top bar and it's a lot flimsier than I would have expected. I purchased the expensive transition lenses for these and I kind of regret it because I don't know how long they'll last. Nice looking, just wish the quality were better.
Jul 25 , 2018
scott brown
In love with this style , perfect fit , stylish , great quality. The perfect frame.
Jun 29 , 2018

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