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Great frames and lenses. They fit very well. Great customer service as well!
Mar 30 , 2020
Zac Ramsey
Great looking frame. Fantastic customer service.
Mar 10 , 2020
Such high quality! Prescription is spot on and they look awesome. I thought they would be so much bigger as people were saying. The measurements were similar to my store bought glasses, so they ended up being perfectly sized. The only problem I had was that one side of the temples was stretched outward. I molded it back with the heat of a blow dryer.
Oct 16 , 2019
Erlina Ocdao
Very lovely! perfectly fit for me. suitable for me driving during day time
Oct 6 , 2019
Yamilette Marrero
Love them
Jun 26 , 2019
Good but bigger than I expected.
Jun 2 , 2019
Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience.heart
Kindly check the link for how to choose a perfect size of frame:https://www.firmoo.com/help-p-70.shtml
Firmoo's Reply Neweyes on Jun 2 , 2019
This sunglasses are perfect! I ordered the prescription sunglasses and they fit great and were the right prescription for me! I loved it!!!
May 23 , 2019
This frame fits great, looks great, and the prescription is spot on! I was trying to find mirrored prescription sunglasses for my light sensitivity that wouldn't break my bank account and these delivered! Very pleased!
May 14 , 2019
Love these frames! Exactly what I needed.
Apr 8 , 2019
I was very pleasantly surprised
Feb 6 , 2019
Dear customer, thanks for your praise for our product! Hope you will like your glasses as well.
Firmoo's Reply Condo on Feb 6 , 2019
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