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look the look and feel of these glasses
Mar 27 , 2020
Brittany J
Glasses frame wasn't nearly as big as pictured on other buyers. My face is rounder and I prefer big frames. I will not be wearing. This is my 2nd purchase so I will give them another shot.
Nov 8 , 2019
Dear customer, sorry for the inconvenience. When you choose a new frame, please check the size of old glasses first. No worry, our CSR will contact you soon to solve your problem. Thank you.
Firmoo's Reply Brittany J on Nov 8 , 2019
Arrivati in 3 giorni lavorativi Come sempre perfetti e belli!
Aug 26 , 2019
OMG, I love these glasses!! I have received so many compliments on them.
Aug 11 , 2019
Absolutely love them!
Jul 29 , 2019
Miss Fox2
I liked the glasses very much, however, the frame was too small. I have ordered in the past and have had no problems. For future reference please make sure you know the size frame you need.
Jul 24 , 2019
Hello friend, thanks for choosing Firmoo. Choosing a perfect frame size online can be tough sometimes, here's what we can do for you:
First, kindly check how to measure eyeglasses size and find the perfect size. You can also check the numbers on your old glasses that looks like 51-18-135. The 1st is the width of one lens; the 2nd is the bridge distance, and the 3rd is the length of the temple piece that goes behind your ear.
Firmoo's Reply Miss Fox2 on Jul 25 , 2019
LA city gal
These frames are great quality! I love the color, it's a light lavender/pink tortoise shell. Super stylish and they fit my face great! They sit perfectly on the bridge of my nose, not too high or low so the frames don't obstruct my line of sight. The actual quality of the lenses is superb! I got the antiglare, anti-oil and water repellant and it's fantastic! Can't wait to order another pair!
Jul 22 , 2019
The frame looks stylist on me. Very cute
Jul 19 , 2019
Tiny House Dreaming
Love everything about these frames. The colors beautiful, the shape is great and only been wearing them for a week and already got tons of compliments. A new go to pair from Firmoo.
Jul 13 , 2019
Great pair of frames. The newest color is funky, yet sophisticated. Definitely a look for the bold, eclectic, fun... Not only are the glasses amazing, I received them very quickly. I would highly recommend.
Jun 25 , 2019
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