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  • 1.Capital Family Eye Clinic

    941 Payne Ave
    Saint Paul, MN 55130-4003


    ... very positive that I would receive great service in requesting new eye exam for getting new glasses. Unfortunately, the glasses and frames ... your eyes and work with you to ensure the best fit in terms of quality, appearance and functionality" is a ...

    Capital Family Eye Clinic is 4-star 5 Reviews

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  • Generally, it shouldn't make a difference what time of day your eyes are examined.However,according to the regular conduct and experience, the time varies because of different ages.For young children, the morning of the day or after a nap when they have a rest.During this time,they are willing to get an exam.For adults,you just come to get an exam as long as you are in good health and feel vigorous.That is because having a good health,means your eyes are also in goo d health.For seniors,the morning of the day will be the best time,that's because seniors always get up early,and they are in good health and feel sober in the morning.Under this condition,getting an eye exam must be successful. As i don't know what your age,you choose for yourself.I hope i can help you sincerely!

  • Babies should have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months of age to assess whether their eyes are developing normally. Children then should have additional eye tests at age 3-year-old to ensure proper eyesight and find the early sign of vision problem such as lazy eyes.

  • Yes the carrots will be helpful for you vision to the large degree. Carrots contain the large amount of nutritious material which will be good for your eyes. However, the milk, fish, eggs, vegetables and so on will be good for your eyes because of the inner vitamin a and c. You should eat more food like these which will improve your vision to some degree.

  • You can find best deals on eye exams and glasses at costco. The optometrists at costco are independent, so you can get eye exam there for a cheaper cost. The eye exam at costco will cost you from $45 for eyeglasses and $75 for contact lenses, which is very cheaper than other optical stores. Just go to to find a location near you and then make an appointment with the optometrist. Another best place to get eye exam with a lower price is America's Best Contact and Eye Glasses. You can also go to have a look there.

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