Contact lenses for teens

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Many teens prefer contact lenses to eyeglasses primarily for appearance reasons. They think that they look much better with contact lenses and self-esteem can be established. Another very important reason is the convenience brought by contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses during sports can give teens clearer peripheral vision without worry about the breakage of eyeglasses. Of course, a contact lens may be dislodged or lost, but replacing a contact lens is much cheaper than replacing a pair of glasses. And children spending much more time playing outdoors than adult are vulnerable to harmful UV rays. It is very convenient if they choose contact lenses because they only need to carry a pair of sunglasses. Contacts lenses can also correct astigmatism.

Though some disposable contact lenses make lens care easy, some parents are wondering whether their kids can be responsible for these contact lenses. You can check it by watching your kids whether they need your reminder of everyday trifle. Also you can let your kids in charge of the cost of contact lenses.

The appearance changes with contact lenses include your eye color change. Lightly tinted lenses can modify or enhance your eye color and opaque tints can change your eyes to a completely different color. Some kids prefer contact lenses because they can make their eyes look like cats’ eyes or vampire eyes. Before you wear any contact lens, your eye doctor will first examine your eyes to determine whether you are suitable for contact lens wear. Some colored contact lenses are used for vision correction as well.

Since contact lenses have so many advantages, such as less expensive, relatively healthy and safe, your kid can make his own decision with guidance from parents and an eye doctor.