An evaluation of LASIK procedure

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LASIK can permanently correct refractive errors and remove the dependence on eyeglasses or contact lenses. This is why many people choose this surgery, regardless of its high cost that is not covered by Medicare and insurance plans. A high price of LASIK is really unaffordable by some ordinary patients. In addition, LASIK is also associated with certain postoperative complications such as eye infection and injury, which require careful consideration. It is for sure that every LASIK patient wants to get perfect visual restoration. But this is not the only case. Except for surgery cost and potential complications, the equipment used also needs a careful evaluation.

LASIK expense is beyond Medicare and insurance coverage

LASIK procedure can restore clear vision at high success rates. Many people jump into the decision to get the surgery without much thought. They are not aware of possible risks of LASIK. Another factor that should be considered is the expensive cost of a LASIK surgery. From financial point of view, some people should make an evaluation that the visual improvement is worth the thousands of LASIK cost. For people with low salary or those already have debts, LASIK expense is unaffordable. To conclude, patients considering LASIK surgery should take a second thought that they do need such a refractive surgery.

An experienced and recommended surgeon minimizes surgical risks

LASIK complications are closely associated with a specific surgeon, whereas the average success rate of the surgery is quite high. Patients should always choose the best surgeon possible, because experienced LASIK surgeons can minimize the likelihood of complications and even injuries. Before receiving LASIK surgery, the patient is also suggested to learn about the process of the procedure. Referrals from previous patients are helpful in evaluating a LASIK surgeon. Surgeons with good reputation and having lots of recommendations are always more believable.

Make sure the surgical equipment is safe

The type of equipment the surgeon uses is also worth consideration. There are various facilities used for LASIK procedure, some of which have been reported to cause higher risks of complications. Patients should know the type of machine that will be used on them, and find out whether there was possibly a recall history of the type. The Internet can always help. There will probably be some online reviews and reports about LASIK failure and related equipment. Remember that LASIK procedure is still under clinical evaluation because it can not guarantee 100% safe.

Pre-surgery consultation is a necessity

Prior consultation with the surgeon should not be skipped. In some cases, the surgeon will offer a general, cheaper option and another customized, dear procedure for the patient’s selection. In addition, people with certain visual conditions such as thin corneas, early cataracts formation and big pupils are excluded from LASIK surgery. During such a consultation, the patient should also let the surgeon know his or her current medical conditions such as Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Some of these conditions may cause an unwanted reaction during the surgical treatment and affect quite likely postoperative recovery.