Firmoo Optical is one of the most popular online eyeglasses stores which was found in 2009.

Years of expertise in the optical industry enables Firmoo Optical to offer varieties of prescription eyewear to the consuming public in high quality at extremely affordable prices.

High Quality-Best Price

In order to provide high-quality glasses with accurate vision, each process is under control in Firmoo’s own factory and each pair of glasses needs strict quality testing after processing. Firmoo always believe that eyeglasses should be affordable but never cheap!

Our Mission

During the past years, we never stopped improving and upgrading our product, manufacturing and service and we will always keep our passion to do it in the future because we have a belief that what we are doing is not just about glasses but about care!

Firmoo.com - your preferred online eyewear store.One-on-One Service, Save Up to 90%.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing a quality product and a safe shopping experience.

Shopping Experience Sharing

Still puzzled or worried about buying glasses online? Just hear what other customers say about their experience in Firmoo, and it may help you to some extent.

I got tired of the limited options available on sites based here in the UK. They never had what I wanted and often times the glasses were flimsy and low quality. 

I wanted big, oversized prescription glasses and typed that into Google and got a list of sites which claimed that they had those. 

They didn't. Then I got to the firmoo link. 

I was pleasantly surprised.I got excited. 

How could a site have so many different types of glasses available? Glasses which I liked! 

I easily started adding lots of different glasses into my basket but then remembered, I've never ordered from here before...

I had the typical questions; how safe is it? Would it come? If I have an issue how quickly could it be rectified? 

So I simply chose two using the BOGO code and waited. Honestly I thought there would be an issue somewhere. But there was NONE. I don't know exactly where it comes from but I know that using the site I used to which was based in the UK, I would expect to receive my glasses by the 12th day after ordering. 

With Firmoo, my glasses were delivered to my door within 6 days. How?? I ordered on a Friday and received the following Thursday.

Already, Firmoo had gone up to a great standard just by how quickly it came, now was the test of how good was the quality..

From the hardcase which I absolutely love, I knew I was in for a treat.. then I inspected the glasses and honestly, I've had a lot of glasses in my time, including designer frames.... The quality was amazing. The feel, the look, how true it was to the picture, the lenses, everything was amazing and it was durable.... I've had my glasses for a while to test them out and give an honest review and it is one of if not the best frames I've had. 

I won't be buying glasses from anywhere but Firmoo. 

My next order will be some prescription sunglasses along with some additional frames so I can change up my look as and when I please lol.

Oh, customer service is also amazing. Answered my questions within an hour and was very courteous and professional.

Thank you Firmoo.

Em Doubleyuh

My first experience with firmoo was a great one! The glasses came in pretty fast within a week. It was nicely packed and came with a case, wipe, and other gadgets for the glasses. The quality of the glasses is great and I wish I knew about this website sooner and wouldn't had paid 300$ for the pair that I have now that got scratched up easily. Also their customer service is excellent. I will definitely buy again. Thank you Firmoo.

Meimi Vang

Extremely happy with Firmoo!!!

So, my contacts were taking a crap on me and since i just recently had my eyes checked for glasses I thought why not purchase some glasses. Money has been extremely tight, with 4 kids, you moms should know. When I do spend money on myself its for things that I need. I desperately needed to see so I googled cheap and fast glasses. Up popped Firmoo. I have never ordered glasses online before I have always went to Site For Sore Eyes. I really don't have the $100 plus that they charge for glasses. Since my budget was minimal I thought i'd check Firmoo out. I was skeptical at first when they says no more than $39. You know how companies say $39 and then they MAKE you add on the lenses and extras and comes out to almost an arm and a leg ? Firmoo is upfront. My glasses were actually cheaper than $39.00 with shipping added it was $39 and some change with lenses !!! NOT JUST THE FRAMES!. I tried the glasses I was interested in with my photo and I liked how they looked. I chose Standard Shipping.

Purchased my glasses February 9th and received them yesterday the 17th. 

The package came with a hard case, lens wiper, a mini screwdriver keychain and some extra screws. 


Over all I am very pleased with Firmoo that I wrote a review and I never write reviews... I will definately be spreading the word about them.

Patricia Moreno Sunday

I work for myself, so value is essential. Very very pleased.

I work on my own, so I don't have a benefit plan that pays for glasses. While shopping around I discovered Firmoo. The deals looked too good to be true, so I ordered a very basic first pair of glasses. I wanted to test out their product without spending too much. I kind of expected to be disappointed. When it arrived a week later I was blown away by the quality, style and price. I paid 90% less than the last pair I had bought in a store. And the glasses came with a cool case and a screwdriver. For the second pair I decided to order fancy bi-focals so that I don't have to look over my glasses when trying to read small text. Again, I am blown away by the quality, style and price. This is great value for the money, and I don't even have to leave my house.

Martin J. P. "Martyupnorth" Bélanger

Such a lovely company to deal with

I ordered my glasses from the UK about a week ago and they arrived VERY fast. Unfortunately I entered my prescription incorrectly and the glasses were no good to me. I emailed to ask if there was anything they could do as this my own error and they explained where I had entered my information incorrectly and showed how to amend this. I spoke with Sophie who was very sweet and she offered me a discount for the full amount excluding shipping so I could reorder my glasses at no cost. I can't believe how lovely this company are and how quickly my issue was resolved. It is so nice to see a company that truly wants to keep customers happy. I will certainly be purchasing more frames in the future!

Demi-Channelle Smyth

Great Customer Service and Good Quality Eyeglasses

I was a bit skeptical when shopping for eyeglasses online. I have very interesting vision that's why my eyeglasses in the States are always pricey. This is coming from a person that is near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other eye.

Eyeglasses: Good quality for the price. I expected very cheap quality but they are very sturdy and well packaged by the Firmoo.

Process: Everything is self explanatory. Make sure you type in your prescription right and shipping address right before submitting your order.

Service: I have received 2 pairs of eyeglasses. However 1 pair had a frame defect which made it harder to adjust. I took pictures and sent it back to my sales rep. About 1-2 weeks later (depending on the manufacturer processing speed), my replacement pair came. They told me to keep the defected one as well.

Brian J. Wong

This is by far the most impressive ...

This is by far the most impressive customer service I have EVER received. I purchased my prescription glasses ALWAYS from the US, big box stores (Lenscrafters, Pearl Vision, etc.) and I've been nothing more than marginally satisfied with my purchases. In fact, as a tax-paying, consumer I've purchased many things and rarely have I ever taken something back. If it didn't meet my expectations, I most likely chalked it up to experience and never went back to that vendor for anything else.

I placed a review a week or so back explaining how satisfied I was with my first ever, online purchase of prescription glasses - with the only glitch that my lenses didn't transition, as they were a permanent tint. I've been satisfied with the quality of work and craftsmanship and pricing, just that I couldn't wear them inside and only outside. This was TOTALLY my fault being a 1st time customer and got confused with all of the super-cool options.

Well, a CSR from Firmoo, named "Vizy" contacted me via email and actually provided THE ABSOLUTE BEST customer service,. I have ever received I think in my entire adult life! :-) LoL. Firmoo is so 100% committed to each customer having nothing less than 100% satisfaction with their purchase, that Vizy went above and beyond what I had expected, and pleasantly surprised me with a partial refund.

Absolutely amazing!! I had been wearing the glasses for approximately 5 weeks now, and simply wrote a good review, because...well...Firmoo is a great company to work with, and now I will buy all of my future glasses from them. In fact, I have a 2nd pair (this time with transitional lenses, LoL) on the way now. I LOVE these folks and will tell everyone about them.

Monterio Weaver

I've been buying my glasses online for more than 10 years. Firmoo is the best I've ever ordered from - superior quality frames (both of my pairs are better than any I've ever gotten elsewhere online), prompt customer service, always have a sale or discount on top of their already reasonable prices.

They actually sent me the wrong color glasses by mistake. Same style, but wrong color. They admitted the error and fixed it by letting me keep the wrong color they sent (which I did like and do still wear, but would not have chosen them to actually buy) and gave me a Firmoo credit for the cost of the glasses BEFORE the discount code I used on the first purchase had been applied. So, like, I believe I paid $30ish, but the credit was for $55 and could not be combined with another coupon code. They really will own it and make things right if the error was theirs.

It was easy to find another pair I liked, as the color I had originally ordered had sold out by then. I would not have chosen the same style in a different color anyway - I prefer to have different "looks" to choose from-, but I guess that might not have been acceptable to somebody else. This was the solution we agreed to so I can't really say what else they would have offered if I hadn't been happy with that solution.

Shipping can take a while, but honestly, you are going to have that same 3-week wait with any other online eyewear company. But if that's the trade-off for getting ~85% off per pair of glasses (compared to my local brick and mortar stores), I have zero problem with that. These are good glasses with TONS of lens options available.

Kristen Mitchell

Its Cindy from BC Canada. I got my glasses today and I want to say that I am BEYOND pleased. My new specs are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! they suit me perfectly. I was afraid to buy prescription online glasses because I wasn't sure if the style was going to be good for me since I wasn't physically able to try on different styles and frames sizes but I must say that when I downloaded a picture of myself, and did try several styles wasn't too bad and went for something I never thought it would look so good on me. This is my first time I purchased rx glasses and I must say it won't be the last. I am a pleased costumer and will spread the word. The case my glasses came in is so beautiful plus the repair kit I got its so sweet. 


This is my Christmas present for me and from me. The price is RIGHT! AND I will be placing another order in the near future. Too bad you guys don't do contact lenses if you did I would without a doubt to put an order.

If you know of a reputable place where I can purchase online contact lenses please let me know.

Thank you once again 

Cindy Valdez.

I was a little hesitant ordering glasses on line; especially progressive lenses. I was surprised how easy it was and the virtual try on was so helpful. I received my glasses today; such fast delivery! I must say I am thrilled with my selection of frames and the quality is excellent. I couldn't have made a better selection at a regular optical store and I am sure it would have cost three times as much. I am thrilled with my glasses and will definitely buy again!

Em Doubleyuh

3-Month Warranty

Customers will enjoy 3-month warranty, covering any possible defect in materials and workmanship.

30-Day Exchange&Return

Unfit or wrong glasses can be exchanged or refunded within 30 days of receiving.