Faceted & jeweled rimless eyeglasses

Faceted & jeweled rimless eyeglasses

Without doubt, these faceted & jeweled rimless eyeglasses will give you a dynamic, vibrant and breathtakingly appearance. The lenses are shaped based on a rational design and professional optical knowledge, being compatible with both comfort and broad vision as much as possible. These glasses are destined to become a symbol of art and noble in future.

The lenses are made of environmentally friendly materials to ensure the safety and health, nature in color and light in weight. By unique cutting technology, the lenses are beautifully trimmed to be sharp angles and smooth edges, highlighting the traditional aristocratic elegant.

The frame is super light in weight and nuanced in every detail, you can never overstate its beauty. Just come on and scramble you a first pair of special customized faceted & jeweled rimless eyeglasses!

Notice: These glasses are currently not available for sale. However, we'd choose some excellent bloggers to try them for free.

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