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Firmoo is offering FREE eyewear to bloggers, plus free shipping. You can get a FREE pair of eyewear on, especially those wonderful sunglasses. In return, we sincerely ask for your favor to write a review for the FREE eyewear you get or sponsor for us in your personal blog that has been approved after checked by our team. The content can be what you think about our eyewear, and no need to be fantastic article. After you get the eyewear and write the review, please send your review address to

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The Firmoo Glasses

Firmoo is a HUGE brand (check out their Facebook Page)! I was surprised to discover this, as I had never heard of them before. Their concept is this: to bring quality eye wear to everyone, and have each piece be unique to the person who purchases a pair. All frames can be customized to your prescription, tint, the color of tint (and the degree of tint), along with several other options. You simply pick your frame style and go from there.

Firmoo Sunglasses {Review} & Free Eyewear Opportunity

Have you heard of Firmoo? Firmoo is a Global Online Optical Store that carries men's and women's glasses as well as sunglasses, all of which can be fitted with prescription lenses. Firmoo carries a wide range of affordable prescription glasses and sunglasses in cheap price yet high quality. They feature different fashion styles for their eyeglasses frames. They range form retro to fashion and rimless to full-rimmed. Review

I was recently given the opportunity to get a free pair of prescription glasses from Firmoo as part of a product review.

product review: firmoo glasses.

Recently I got to get my hands on these lovely glasses from They are an online glasses company with a ton of different styles and price ranges to pick from. When I first received my package in the mail, I'm not going to lie, I was a little taken back. I knew my glasses were on the way but I didn't expect them to come in a package with a hand written label from China. I didn't know where the package came from! I finally put two and two together and was very pleasantly surprised to see my lovely pair of shinny new specs from

Firmoo Sunglasses – Review

Now that I'm wearing contact lenses again, I can finally wear sunglasses again! I found a great pair at, the world's most popular online eyeglass store and my order arrived right away. I was impressed that the glasses arrived in a plastic shell with a cleaning cloth, as well as a soft sunglasses case and a tiny screwdriver to maintain my sunglasses.

Sunglasses from

I really needed new sunglasses.I did have a pair but I like to have spare ones in case I lost them. Anyways I found and contacted them to see if I can so a review for them. After I got approved it didn't take me long to choose the sunglasses that would be perfect for me.

FEATURE: Retro Glasses, Quirky Papers

I miss seeing June as if it's January. New (school) year, New life! I miss how every new semester, I know (and brace myself) for long enlistment lines, enrollment stress and more. But I'm not going to sulk my zero-school life away. I will share with you such cute geekery from my friends from Firmoo and Fully Booked.

Firmoo Glasses Review!

I love these glasses! They are very cute, and fit me well! I also love that I'm actually getting protection from the sun too. Usually the sunglasses I have are cheap and don't really help with the sun at all! So it's great that I'm finally using sunglasses that are good for your eyes!
Firmoo has a lot of sunglasses to choose from, all different designs and frame shapes. They also have regular prescription glasses as well! I definitely recommend checking them out!

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