• Silver(C11)

Dimensions mm inch

Please do check frame size

The ruler in the picture cannot be used to measure your old glasses. Please use your measuring tool to check the size of old pair of glasses.(5mm difference acceptable)

142mm 52mm 30mm 21mm 131mm (Wide)
Mixed Materials
Frame Style:
26 g
Best for PD: 63 - 80


The glasses are a perfect combination of a pair of normal prescription eyeglasses and a pair of polarized sunglasses that demand attention! These Semi-rimless frame glasses have a thin dark-gold colored metal base with matching magnetic clip-on polarized sunshade that say "look at me" without screaming. The weight of the clip-on is about 5 grams, while the weight of the prescription eyeglasses is about 26 grams. These set of vision devices protect your eyes from harmful UV rays without compromising the vision acuity and clarity.
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