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How do I place an order with firmoo?
Purchasing eyeglasses at is easy at your fingertips. A couple of steps make you buy your beloved eyeglasses, affordable yet high quality. Step 1: Click the the frame you are going to order. Step 2: Choose the color and click the "Select Lenses" button to continue. Step 3. Choose what kind of...
How to use the voucher/coupon?
The voucher/coupon code should be entered at step 6 “Check Out”when you are doing your payment. For example: Click here to learn how to order online. Notice: *Each voucher/coupon should be used up every single time. *Each order is allowed to be placed with only ONE voucher/coupon. *All vouchers/coupons should be used within the...
How can I change or cancel the order?
Eyeglasses are custom-made products, so if you want to change the order, you must send us the details of the changes within the 6 hours of your ordering from us. After the first 6 hours, the order can not be changed as it is already in the stage of production. For...
Order status
As one of the services offered the after you place your order with us, our service people will send a couple of emails to you keeping you  informed about the most recent status of your order. The status email will be in simple words such as pending, new order, processing and delivered.  The specific meaning of these simple words are as follows:   Pending This is the stage that your order is still pending. This is mainly because your payment has not yet been cleared.   New order This is the stage showing we have received your payment successfully. We’d start to process your glasses 100% based on your order information after  6 hours of completing an order if we do not receive any request from you regarding cancellation and order changes.   Normal This stage represents all the information on the order is enough to be processed.   Abnormal/Question order This state means there are some questions on your order to confirm with you. We will email you to solve these questions.    Lens Completed set This stage refers that the lens in stock has been being processed and the special lens on the order has been being customized and the order  information cannot be changed or cancelled.    Lens waiting The customized lenses need more days to produce and wait.    Lens return The customized lens with a flaw is being remade.   Lens ok The customized lens has been arrived at our lab and arranged to complete the glasses.    Processing During this stage, your ordered lenses will be though a customization and filling process in our optical manufacture and Lab. In most cases, normal  single vision eyeglasses will be delivered in about 2 weeks after your placement of the order online. The specific processing period varies according  to the strength, lens type and adds-on options.   Checking package The glasses are packed and wait to be shipped.    Shipped This is the stage when the package containing your eyeglasses has been picked up by the courier company for shipping to your address. Delivery time  is determined by the shipping method, destination and the condition in transit.   Delivered The status of “Delivered” means you have received our eyeglasses parcel at your address.   Refund accepted This is the stage when we have accepted your request of return and refund. Please always contact our customer service to obtain a RAN number before  you send back the glasses.   Refund completed This is the stage when the full or partial refund has been processed successfully....
Are there any free eyeglasses tools in my order?
All the Firmoo's eyeglasses will go with some free eyeglasses tool in each order: *For plastic memory plastic frame: Spectacle cases and eyeglasses bags, micro-fiber lens clothes, one screwdriver and extra screws. *For metal, mixed material and titanium frame: Spectacle cases and eyeglasses bags, micro-fiber lens clothes, one screwdriver, extra screws (screw...
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