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1 Reviews

About Sports Glasses

Lens material. TRIVEX/NXT material, the best sports lens material from famous lens company PPG. They are highly resistant to impact and scratch. And environment friendly.

Chemical Resistance. Fits for various frame materials without lens crack issue.

Lens index 1.53. Thin and light.

Lens Gravity 1.11. 10% lighter than polycarbonate lens, and 15% lighter than CR39 material lens.

Lens Abbe number 44. Good light transmittance, clear vision.

100% UV(UVB/UVA) protection

No internal stress. Lenses are produced by casting method to avoid stress pattern on lenses.

Without clip on. Prescription lenses are just protective lenses. Easy and convenient.

Lens color technology. Color filling technology and NCNB technology. Color filling technology makes the chromatic aberration to the minimum, and lens color would not fade after a long term use. NCNB technology minimizes eye strain by improving color contrast and offering eyes the natural colored vision.

To enjoy your sports to the full, it is time to buy you a pair sports glasses to have your eyes fully protected!

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