1.Exclusive coupon

After your purchase, we will offer an exclusive 50% off frame coupon in your package as a little gift! This coupon could be used by 5 different persons. You will make 10% commission on each order they placed!

How to use it to make money?

Step1: Share this page with your friends who need glasses.

Step2: Offer them your exclusive coupon code to redeem when he/she place an order.

Step3: After his/her order placed, please email us his/her order number and Firmoo account.

Step4: After we confirm, you will get 10% commission from the orders.

Important Notice

1.The coupon code is valid on this page only.

2.The coupon is invalid for discounted products.

3.You could use the coupon yourself. However, you could not make a commission on your own orders.


2.Firmoo Affiliate

Register and login your account at Firmoo, sign up for your referral link, promote the link to make 10% commission (60-day cookie) from every order placed through clicking your referral link.

How to join?

Step1:Register and login at Firmoo.com, find your account at My Account > > > Make Money > > > Banner Ad or Referral link

Step2: Copy code or referral link, then share them to your websites/blogs/Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/Pinterest and other social websites.

Step3: You can make 10% commission from each order placed by clicking through your banner or referral link.

Step4: Every order was placed through the link, 10% commission of the order will send to your Firmoo account


How to get Banner Ad code:

a. Select your banner size, then click the image.

b. Get code and copy code.

How to get refferral link:

a. Click Refferral link option.

b. Copy link and share it anywhere you want.

How to create custom Firmoo link:

a. Get refferral link, for example http://www.firmoo.com/?invite_code=0092832012

b. Change http://www.firmoo.com/ as your own page instead, for example https://www.firmoo.com/z/buy-one-get-one-free.html?invite_code=0092832012

About withdraw

1. Instant&tax free

2. Offer commission through PayPal(PayPal might charge for the transaction fee)

3. The commission made from each order shall be temporarily frozen and not be unfrozen until the 21th day after the shipment. For refunded orders, commissions shall be deducted.


1. Affiliates are not allowed to bid on any trademark keywords such as, but not limited to, firmoo.com, firmoo, or www.firmoo.com. Any variations or misspellings are also prohibited. You are not allowed to use TM + keywords such as "firmoo + keyword". There will be no commission for breaking the rules.

2. Through your referral link, customers could select any product on our website without page limit.

3. Placing order by yourself through your own referral link, commission will not be offered.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact at business@firmoo.com.



Sharesale is a third-party platform, you can sign in the Sharesale, and then search Firmoo for getting link, promote the link to make 10% commission from every order placed through clicking your custom link.

How to join?

Step1: Register and login at www.sharesale.com, it will take you few hours to approve your application.

Step2: Search Merchant Firmoo, apply Firmoo affiliate program.

Step3: After approved, click to get links.

Step4: Every order placed through your custom link, 10% commission of the order will send to your shareasale account.

How to create shareasale custom link:

a. Select CUSTOM LINK option.

b. Enter the Firmoo page link you want.

c. Create link and get short link.


About withdraw

Check more details, click on this link

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