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Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

10001 W Bell Rd Ste 115
Sun City, AZ 85351-1297

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  • Daily disposable contacts are good choices for people with dry eyes because they contain more water and have better oxygen permeability. You can also ask your eye doctor which brand he or she recommends.

  • In fact, common objects people deal with day-in and day-out can be extremely dangerous to the eyes. The household Chemicals, Chemicals like bleach, ammonia, cleaning agents, pesticides and others can burn your eyes' delicate tissues. When using any chemicals in your home, wear goggles, make sure the area is well-ventilated and be sure the nozzle is pointed away from your face before you spray.Industry workers, including automotive workers, welders, plumbers, construction workers, machine operators and carpenters, are especially at risk of eye injuries. Over 100,000 workers are disabled due to eye injury with vision loss each year. Workers in industrial-related positions should always wear protective eyewear.

  • I have had an eye infection for months with antibiotic TX. I have just recently seen an opthomologist and now I on another antibiotic for 1 week. I don't think they understand the complexity if this matter. I am very uncomfortable..My tears just roll down my face and my eyes itch and burn probably from me wiping the tears and getting irritated. What concerns me is that this has been going on for4 months with no relief

  • As I know that your eyewear will not be hurt when you have cataract surgery. The cataract surgery is uncomplicated and it often takes no longer than about 10 minutes to perform. However, after the surgery, you need to rest in a recovery area until you are less groggy from sedation or anesthesia.Typically this takes about 30 minutes to an hour.Your cataract surgery recovery should be short and uneventful, as long as your health is good and you don't have other major eye problems. Statistics also show that your chances of a good outcome and sharper vision after surgery are excellent.

  • Hello, sleepy eyes are caused by skin sickening toxins in skin care near the eyes. The first solution is that get enough sleep. Get your eyes some rest, the sleepy eyes will be reduced. Second, you can do some compresses, placce a thin slice of potato or cucumber on your eyes, do this several times and every time lasts for about fifteen minutes.

  • Horn rimmed glasses are a very old type of eyeglasses. They are often made of horn or sometimes tortoise shell which the latter one is always called tortoise shell. This kind of glasses have high price comparably because of their material. Horn rimmed glasses are very popular in recent years as well as the black nerd glasses. Many men choose the horn rimmed glasses to make them look bold. However, there are still many women have strong favor of horn rimmed glasses such as Kaley Cuoco. It is very cool to wear such glasses and it will make you look smart. So it is also a good choice for women.

  • Well, it can be normal to have this kind of situation. So you do not need to worry about it. Generally speaking, there are many reasons which can lead to dilated eyes. For example, high blood pressure and anxiety can lead to it in some degree. So when you have high blood pressure, it can just affect your eyes, and then leading to dilated pupils. But maybe the high blood pressure only affects one eye, and that can only cause one eye dilated. Also, you should know that drug use, illness, and trauma can cause it too. Anyway, for your situation, just go and see the eye doctor as soon as possible.

  • You should not eat the spicy food any more. You need to use the anti-inflammation medicine to adopt around the eyes. In addition, you could keep on using the eyes drops until you get the recovery. You may use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable. You should have the good rest for the eyes every day.

  • You'd better not use soft contact solution to store gp contacts. The chemicals in the solution may have chemical reaction with gp contacts and make your contacts useless. You can buy some new solutions in a nearby drug store or optical store. Good luck!

  • I think sometimes, if a person says that your eyes can speak, it means that your eyes are beautiful and you are lovely. The people just show their likes in this way. But if you want to make other people understand what you want to say, you may need to communicate with them and tell your true feelings about person or things then they can know your worldview and values. So they know your likes and dislikes well. Then they can guess what you will say.