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10615 W Thunderbird Blvd S
Sun City, AZ 85351-3033

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  • Because there is water in the womb, so the baby should have their eyes closed to keep the eyes from the damage of acidic substances of the womb. But when they are born, they need some time to adapt to a new environment. At this time, baby's eyes are very tender and not fully developed.

  • Well, it is normal to have eye floaters, and in most cases, they are harmless. But I have to say that it can be annoying and ugly to have them. first, you should know that floaters are basically little blobs of protein that float through the hollow sphere which is filled with a thick, gel like fluid known as the vitreous humour. To treat it, you can try some essential oil, such as tansy, sandalwood, juniper, lavender. Also, proper nutrition can prevent new eye floaters. So you can eat as many water and vitamin rich vegetables as possible.

  • No, it wouldn't cause any physical damage to your eyes. But it would make fatigue of your eyes. Your eyes have specialized muscles, which control the shape of the eye lens and eye movements. The muscles controlling the lens would automatically change if an object is closer to your eyes, as it is when you are close to the TV. However, it could cause eyestrain if you are sitting too close to the TV for a prolonged period.

  • Yes, using eye drops may cause ringing in the ears because of the interlinked eyes nerves and ears nerves. You may also find that the eyes and throat parts are interlinked too. When you use the eye drops, you need to use the suitable amount of it. Or else, other parts of the body may get the affection.

  • I would recommend a muted color that is like a lighter brown or like hazel of a mix of brown and green.

  • Yes, the albinim will cause eye problems because of the inner symptom from the disease. Albinism is a relatively common skin melanin. This disease is often caused by its subsidiary organs lack. In addition, due to the lack of tyrosinase, congenital or tyrosinase hypothyroidism, melanin synthesis will occur disorder. It is caused by the genetic vitiligo. The patients will usually have the skin all over the body become the not healthy color. The hair and eyes lack melanin. So the performance of the eye retinal of five pigment, iris and pupil present light pink. The eyes may be afraid of light. They will see things with narrow picture. The eyes, skin, eyebrow, hair and other body hair will become white or white with yellow. People with albinism should treat it as soon as possible with the medicine.

  • first off, let me state that I've been using the same prescription now for at least 30 years. I take my old glasses in to the eyeglass store, and tell them I want that prescription again. and they do it. they try to get me to take an eye exam, but I always politely refuse, and tell them I can see really good with the glasses I have now- and don't want to change it. if you keep the prescription on your glasses the same, your eyes won't get worse !! that is the dirty little secret that the optometrist doesn't tell you. the next one is this- when you read and do close work, and you are nearsighted- TAKE YOUR GLASSES OFF. making your eyes adjust to read with glasses on designed to see far, is really torturing your eye muscles- and that's why nearsighted eyes keep getting worse with time. if you stick at one prescription it will just stay there. yes they can read the prescription off the glasses with a machine. and I know for a fact, about 20 years ago, an optometrist read my prescription from the edge of the lenses themselves. I guess some places would actually mark the lens with tiny numbers of the actual prescription. only spend the money and time for an eye examination, when you actually are having problems with vision, or pain, etc. if your vision was normal would you get it checked every year ? if you can see clearly and read road signs, etc. while driving, then you're seeing just fine. people spend billions/yearly on eye exams they don't need.

  • It really isn't much of a factor at all as far as increasing difficulty or risk of treatment. You could be a good candidate for LASIK if you wear glasses or contact lenses for Nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. If you want to reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses or contacts. If you meet certain criteria for eye health and vision. If a qualified refractive surgeon thinks you are a good candidate.

  • Pink eye is a kind of contagious eye disease. It can be caused by exposing to bacteria, virus, allergy, mold or inflammation of the nearby tissue. The symptoms of pink eye are itchy eyes, conjunctival congestion and blurred vision. Urine is not something that can cause infection. Some urine spit into the eyes is not very serious because the eyes have some organizations to protect themselves like palpebral conjunctiva. Just swash your eyes with clean water is enough.

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