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  • Well, it's difficult to say whether white sunglasses are good or not. Because it just depends on your own taste and your needs. Actually, there are many people, like you said, are wearing white sunglasses all around you. Some people think it's cool to wearing a pair of sunglasses which have bright color and in this way, it does make them feel fashionable. While other people like you think it's weird to wear white glasses. So you should know that it depends on different people. But there are also some rules in wearing sunglasses. For example, you should pay more attention to your face shape and your skin color. Only in this way can you look not so weird. For myself, I will not prefer to the white sunglasses.

  • Our eyes can indicate some more serious diseases of our body due to inner-connected relationship of our organs. Although the distorted vision may just be caused by the discordant eye muscles, you need to pay more attention to the underlying issues, especially for a migrane headache because one of its initial stage is wavy peripheral vision. It is wise to head to an ophthalmologist or optometrist avoiding further damages. Well, you can first do some simple examine by yourself. Tape a paper up to the wall, and then you can stare at a point at the center of the paper. Once you feel some distinct distortions, you are in danger. Seeing wavy motion can also signal floaters. In one word, you need to have an eye exam in professional places.

  • It is quite an odd problem. You can try to wear polarized sunglasses to see if you still feel dizzy. I have seen people also feel dizzy when wearing regular sunglasses but feel good with polarized sunglasses.

  • The bifocal glasses is convenient because they eliminate the need to switch back and forth between two pairs of glasses, that is to say, one for distance vision and another for reading. And they only have one pair of prescription lenses instead of two, which can be cost effective. Additionally, they are protective anti-UV coating and anti-glare coating to protect eyes in any light. On the contrary, the bifocal glasses present a main shortcoming that is the image would be jumped when the visual axis passes from the far vision glasses to the reading segment.

  • Yeah, the lack of sleep may cause the eye irritation. As we know, when we sleep, the eye nerves will get rest too. If you don’t sleep at night, the eyeballs or the eye nerves are working at the bad situation which will be in disorder. That is the reason why your eyes get red the next day. You should have a good rest for the eyes.

  • As far as I concerned, short hair is the best haircuts with eyeglasses, especially wearing gucci glasses. It must be so cool and wonderful and can draw all men's eyeballs. How amazing it is. Of course, this just myself views. You can chose a pair of glasses based on your face shape and hair style, even hair color.

  • Yes, it is possible for you to get the droopy eyelid because of lacking sleep. The lack of sleep will make your skin become loose to some degree. Your droopy eyelid may be caused easily. You should keep the good diet and good sleep to make the droopy eyelids get recovery. You could use some essential oils to prevent the droopy eyelid.

  • I have never heard of that. there is no way to do that with out contacts there are some places that sell none prescription contacts but idk bout them but right know like everybody said contacts are the only way No other way. get colored contact lenses. That is the only way I know. Sorry, contacts are the only way right now. Try using some Green food color and get back to us on how that goes. Sorry, there is no other way there really is no way to change eye color without using contacts. you could use contacts, they''re not that risky . The only way you can change your eye color is to use non-prescription or prescription contacts. Sorry! the ONLY way is by wearing colored contact

  • You should worry about whether wearing day and night contact lenses will hurt the eyes or not.Only opticians know if it is safe for you to wear day and night contact lenses according to your eyes. The moisture content of day and night contact lenses is very low,so it's not suitable for dry eye patients.By the way, is it your first time wearing contact lenses ? If so, you are recommended to wear disposable contact lenses.

  • If you research this you will see "knowledgeable" claim that Windex should not be used because it is "not designed" for plastic and it impacts the beneficial coatings that may have been applied to the lens during manufacture. Well let me speak as a glasses wearer who has been using Windex for nearly thirty years to clean my glasses. My method is to turn on the hot water faucet then spray the lenses and nose pads with the Windex. Rinse my fingertips and rub the lenses between my thumb and index fingertip. By then the faucet water is as hot as possible so I rinse the lenses, earpiece hinges and nose pads thoroughly. I then wipe the lenses with either a clean piece of cotton T-shirt or, better, a small microfiber towel until dry. Leaves a smear-free lens. Rinse the hinges so that no Windex is trapped there which might corrode the metal hinges. I have been using the same brass plated frames over and over. If the Windex impacts the lens, I cannot tell it. Even my eye doctor has commented that my lenses are amazingly scratch free. I chalk that up to never changing my method. Soaps, including dish soap and certainly hand soap, contains oils to soften one's hands. The lenses has to be wiped harder that just rinsing with hot water, to remove that "oil." Also, do not squeeze the lens too tightly when wiping. If there is any grit present, the pressure may scratch the lenses. As for anti-reflective coatings, they do wear off, but not because of the Windex. It eventually disappears whether I am cleaning with the fluid the Glasses maker recommends or the Windex. I believe it is worn away by your fingertips and the drying cloth. My method has NEVER scratched a lens and absolutely leaves the lens sparkling. As said elsewhere, never use an nasal tissue or a paper towel the wipe the lens. They are made using wood fiber and they will scratch even glass lenses over a very short time. By the way, I have been wearing glasses 65 years starting back when all of them were actual glass, not plastic. Btw, I also wear prescription "mirrored" sunglasses which I clean the same way. No scratches or wearing away of the reflective coating!