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  • No, I do not, but I heard somebody have the experience of buying that on ebay. As well all know, clip on sunglasses is just a simple thing but you will need a pair so that you need to go to find just the right size. On ebay, you can choose your right shapes, sizes and colors since there are a lot to choose from.

  • I think it would not cause vision problem if you feel comfortable with them. You may need several days to get used to them and your brain would try to adjust between the different lenses.

  • How cheak glassis

  • Clip-on sunglasses are eyeglasses made of two layers of lenses. If you take off the outside shades, it appears a pair of common eyeglasses that as you wear in usual. And the eyeglasses can provide your vision aids. When you in sun, you can put the out layer colored(usually it is a pair of black lenses) lenses on the eyeglasses. And out layer shades is for shielding your eyes from UV rays and strong light. While the prescription sunglasses is more charming than clip on sunglasses. From their appearances, the prescription is the some as the regular wraparound sunglasses. But the sunglasses are made of prescription lenses that can provide you both vision aids and eye protections. So, if have mild prescription, i suggest to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses.

  • Theoretically speaking, it is safe to wash your eyes with water. However, it will depends on what kind of water do you use. The pure and clean water, especially the distilled water or cool boiling water will be good for you to adopt. The pollution water or the one which full of bacterial or virus will be prohibited for you to use. Furthermore, if you have dry eyes symptom, the artificial tears drops would be applied for you to relief the symptom. Please avoid use the cold water to stimulate your eyes. Do not rub your eyes after the washing, and use clean soft paper tissue or towel to absorb the extra water from your eyes and faces.

  • All right, I can see that you are very interested in blake lively , which is one of the hottest actresses in Hollyhood. Anyway, I must tell you that she has a pair of sea blue eyes and generally speaking, she does not wear colored contacts except for some shows. Actually, what she chooses are not different from ours and you could get any contacts at a nice optical store. Or just pay a visit to Amazon, where prices are acceptable and the goods are great.

  • A blood vessel popped is a kind of small blood vessel disease in some certain. Anyone who get this blood vessel disease are lacking of blood circulating to the furthest parts of your body. Usually, you feel the blurred vision and dry eye problems exist. Luckily, you may ignore this condition, because it will discovery in three to six weeks later. During the course, you may change into a good diet form to discovery quickly, meanwhile, you could take some drugs such as aspirin to help your eye problem become good earlier. Certainly, this is a relative good condition, you should go to see your doctor quickly if your vision become bad, or other pains you feel. In a word, hope you have healthy eyes and a happy life. Best wishes.

  • I also got a moderate concussion before and at first there was a headache but it went away 2 days later. I also had double vision if I moved my head or eyes quickly, it lasted for about one week and finally went away.

  • It is true salt water can be used to help with blepharitis. You can use a cotton but and dip it in the salt water and then scrub the edge of your eyelids. Besides salt water, you can also use baby shampoo. The point is to keep the hygiene of your eyelids. So you'd better clean your eyelids every day. Salt water can kill most of the bacterial but it may irritate your eyes. Don't forget to wash your hands when you do this. You can also apply lid massage to reduce the condition. Warm compresses an softens the crusts hidden in your eyelids, of that you can have a try

  • When I was young and played football I had to wear sports goggles. They are basically heavy duty eyeglasses with an elastic band that you wear. I found them quite uncomfortable however. Most of the time I would just play without glasses. I was a lineman though and I only needed to see the guy in front of me. If your son is an offensive back of any kind, a defenseman, or a kicker, he'll need to see. Facemasks are the protective cages in front of your face. Visors are the plastic things they put in the facemask to block the sun.